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MyboyCJ started new topic Our Choices

So we are due mid October and although we don't yet know the sex of this little one, we have our names picked out and are, at the moment, pretty solid with no choice of changing. We have Alex...

Thursday 14 April 05:21pm

MyboyCJ replied to topic help need baby boy j names

Bettygolabovska wrote: my baby boy is 8 days old and haven't named him yet he has 4 siblings all with the letter j Jasmine, Jessica and twin brothers Jayden & Jordan. Was looking at na...

Thursday 14 April 05:18pm

MyboyCJ started new topic It's been a lonnnng time.

I've been out of action for a few years due to growing kids, work and study but I am back and hopefully here to stay!! You guys are stuck with me though as we have a very surprising baby due ...

Thursday 14 April 05:16pm

MyboyCJ replied to topic due in november 2016

Happy2bme wrote: Hi all, I'm 12 dpo and just got a positive test. Due 7 th November. This will be my second smile congratulations to all! My birthday!! And congratulations on your positive ...

Sunday 28 February 07:57am

MyboyCJ replied to topic Help!!!! 3rd boy and need a name to go with his brothers

Just shooting in the dark here but a few ideas. And hey, even if you don't like any of them, it's a start on ideas. - Cooper - Liam - Parker - Jackson - Rylin - Toby - Gabriel - Bryc...

Wednesday 24 February 07:48pm

MyboyCJ replied to topic Ryan or Blair?

Ryan is very popular at the moment but my pick would be Ryan. I found with my youngest, that picking a name was fine but it was what you added to it that would seal the deal. I wanted Kobie Dalla...

Wednesday 24 February 07:41pm

MyboyCJ replied to topic Due October 2016

First of all, congratulations!! I'm in the 'shocked as Hell' boat with you too. I already have 2 children aged 7.5 and nearly 6 and weren't planning on having a third any tim...

Wednesday 24 February 07:34pm

MyboyCJ replied to topic What pram to buy??

Hi there. Congratulations on baby! When my partner and I discovered we were expecting November of 2007, we did some research on baby products just like your doing now. In the end we went with a ...

Monday 11 May 04:13pm
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