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bindianne replied to topic mums near shailer park

hi, im in cornubia, not far from shailer park, with two boys as well 20 months and four

Tuesday 11 September 06:03am

bindianne replied to topic What is the sandpit like at your kids' daycare?

sounds a bit weird,the sandpit at my childrens daycare is dug in the ground so they dont have to step in or out of it, do they have a suggestion box at your daycare? if so maybe you could slip some...

Thursday 30 August 01:38pm

bindianne replied to topic Antivirus software

i also use AVG free, i dont have any problems with it!

Thursday 30 August 01:26pm

bindianne replied to topic Tonsils....

I was exactly the same, had the hole that food always got caught in, i got mine out when i was 23, if your doctor wont give you the referral then id find someone else who will, it hurts once they a...

Thursday 30 August 01:21pm

bindianne replied to topic football jerseys

i saw on saturday that best and less have the childrens broncos jerseys, they had them marked down from $80 to $52, maybe go to your local one and see if they will send it up for you, im looking fo...

Tuesday 28 August 12:27pm

bindianne replied to topic grrrrr.

how do you punnish a 3 year old that night for something he did that day in someone elses care? i dare say at 3 years old he doesnt know hes doing something wrong when he says those words( and if h...

Friday 03 August 04:05am

bindianne replied to topic Caling all Cornubia and surrounding mums !!

hi ladies my names is belinda im 29 and live in cornubia with two boys 4 and 20 months, ive only been back in brisbane for a month now so im not working at the moment, im in the same boat, have a f...

Wednesday 25 July 12:13pm

bindianne replied to topic Vetech systems for toddlers

i have also bought the vtech for my boys and i think its fantastic, you get one game included and you can buy a adaptor for it, (instead of using the batteries), its only approx $15 from kmart.

Tuesday 24 July 06:40pm

bindianne replied to topic Online tax refnds

my understanding is the fao has already told them the amount, if you sign up for the fao website, there is a spot for the 30% rebate and it tells you how much you have paid for the year and previou...

Sunday 22 July 10:16am

bindianne replied to topic Looking for mums who want to meet on a regular basis in Logan and surrounds

hi im moving to cornubia on friday, im 29 and have a four year old boy and an 18 month old boy, i moved away four years ago and am now returning to friends that still dont have kids, so i really wa...

Tuesday 26 June 06:17am

bindianne replied to topic Anyone recently had bubs circumcised?

when i had both boys done we were told to use betadine ointment ( not the liquid) it acts as a cushion against the head of the penis and the ring, it also stops infection, hope hes feeling better t...

Saturday 16 June 07:11am

bindianne replied to topic The Secret book

Hi, I'f you go to her website you can get free, I think it's 5 lessons emailed to you on the secret, maybe sign up for that first and see what you think! like you said its something to read and ...

Saturday 02 June 01:56pm

bindianne replied to topic I need the baby lotion/wash barcodes will swop with nappy barcodes

i have a baby lotion barcode you can have if you still need it.

Sunday 29 April 04:47pm

bindianne replied to topic Daycare

i didnt put in a formal complaint,the ladies behind the front desk scared me!! i wish i had of though because if i had maybe you wouldnt have had to go through it now! if you are still looking for ...

Sunday 29 April 04:42pm

bindianne replied to topic Daycare

oh my god!!! been there done that!! i sent my son to the same daycare, took him out for the same reason, some afternoons i would pick him up and he would smell of poo and the ladies there wouldnt e...

Thursday 12 April 08:44am

bindianne replied to topic Lollipops daycare

i don't know anything about them either, but the ladies at my childrens daycare always say the best daycares are the ones that you don't hear anything about. i'd go in and spend some time with them...

Friday 02 March 07:17pm

bindianne replied to topic cows milk is yuck!

a friend of mine had the same problem, so she would mix abit of the breast milk with the cows milk, ive also heard you can mix it with a bit of water, my son wont drink it when hes at home but if h...

Thursday 26 October 01:37pm

bindianne replied to topic 8 months still waking for a feed

my sons 11 months old and he still wakes for a feed, i think its just habit as usually he'll fall straight back to sleep after a feed, ive been told that water has worked as well, but i havent tri...

Wednesday 25 October 07:05pm

bindianne replied to topic day care

Hi, the first day is always the hardest, they do recommend that you spend some time with the centre before sending your children, i didnt as i was slack and didnt arrange it very well, but make sur...

Sunday 22 October 05:19pm

bindianne replied to topic V.Smile, Interac TV & Zoooos anyone?

Hi, ive just bought the for my son for christmas, odviously we havent used it yet but i got it because it was toy of the year in 2005, it also has alot of cool games to choose from, he love...

Tuesday 03 October 08:50am
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