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I would ask for a seat in the aisle. The biggest problem I have when I fly with the kids is it is very difficult to reach you bag on the floor for food/drinks/toys etc. when the baby is on your lap. If you can lean out to the side to reach down it is better.

my husband is a pharmacist and just read you post he said ... "don't worry at all, two tablets as a one off will not cause you any drama at all." Hope this helps.

don't worry too much, it can go for up to 8 weeks according to the midwife with my last. If it is light and turning brown should be fine. Do you have a 6 week check up with your doctor or clinic, mention it to them.

my boys both did well with two days at 3 and then an extra day the year before they started school.

hi there! i went to see my new OB on Friday (i have just moved to NSW) and in all the paper work that was given to me it has been recommended to have an enema before birth. it has kind of thrown me a little. i know many people have them, but i never have and now it is just one more thing to worry about when i go into labor! eekkk does anyone have an opinion about this? if it is a good or bad thing? Unless you feel comfortable with it say "no thanks". As the others have said the worst that can happen is a bit of poo and that is nothing new to Dr or midwife.

We have decided to start trying between August and November this year. So not too long to wait now! Thanks for all your good advice! seems like good incentive to save now!

We have Cars racing game. May be too hard to steer for 3 year old but one to think of in the future. It is fun and has no violence or inapproriate content. My younger son loves to hold the accelerator button while my husband steers.

we have one of those smaller cushion type booster seats without a back for my 6 year old when he goes in grandparents/auntys car, would they let you on the bus if you took your own booster seat? The small type would just fit on the floor under your chair in the club.

I agree the boys can share. I would try to make the changes before bub arrives if you can unless bub will be in your room for a few months. We have our boys in bunk beds, we made it "really exciting" to get the new beds and share. We have VERY strict rules about the top bunk, eg. no jumping, only one person at a time allowed ect. The boys made a potser of the rules to show friends/cousins and they religiously enforce the rules them selves! (they were 3 and 5 when we got the bunks) The little one will be fine with a bed rail if you think you can get him to stay in bed and not get out. with the bottom bunk you also have the ladder which combined with the bed rail will stop any chance of him falling out. Good luck.

Go to they have a list of contacts such as Salvos and Australian Red Cross who can help you search. Good luck.