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luci01 replied to topic tizzie hall

Hi My daughter is 9 weeks old and I just recently started her on Tizzie Hall's routine (starting at the 4-6 week old routine as she recommends in her book), however my daughter tends to wake up b...

Wednesday 13 April 12:40pm

luci01 replied to topic Pain relief during labor

hi there, there is no need to be scared, as its the fear itself that often leads to more pain. i can almost guarantee you that the mothers who go drug free/no epi were not induced via the oxytoci...

Wednesday 13 April 12:36pm

luci01 replied to topic Breastfeeding Help.

first of all, congrats on BFing!! woohoo!! secondly, babies tend to lose 10% of their birth weight in the first week, so for you that could be over 400g!! so if at 2 weeks bubba has put on 50g the...

Sunday 10 April 04:06pm

luci01 replied to topic 6week check up....

I had my 6 week check up on Tuesday - all the Dr. did was check my blood pressure. Didn't even look at my C-section site! I'm still bleeding a minute amount so she said she couldn't do my pap-smea...

Sunday 03 April 04:26pm

luci01 replied to topic one period?

hi there, completely normal!! i had one period when dd1 was 9months old, was fully BFing still too. we were starting to ttc in case it took a while, i didnt ov for 4 weeks, then 2 weeks later had ...

Saturday 02 April 05:42pm

luci01 replied to topic Do pregnant women need flu shots?

i am getting mine done this friday at 34 weeks pregnant. i think there is alot of misunderstanding surrounding immunisations. it is the dead virus, your body creates the antibodies to match the sh...

Wednesday 30 March 05:35pm

luci01 replied to topic Things to do with weeks left

have you thought about breathing methods in labour? try hypnobirthing cd's to practice remaining calm etc. otherwise, just enjoy your last moments of true freedom before life changes completely f...

Saturday 26 March 05:51pm

luci01 replied to topic Those having girls - heartbeat question

my ob never worries about HB. he says it is so variable if bubs is awake or sleeping etc, so doesnt even give the number to the mummy. he knows the healthy thats all that matters. i gue...

Sunday 20 March 06:18pm

luci01 replied to topic what does this presentaton mean?

today they put what looks like a c for presentation... last week it was what looked like a 6 thanks the '6' could have been 'b' for breech. so its good bubby has turned

Sunday 20 March 06:15pm

luci01 replied to topic pain in the lower region

hey there, yeah i get some pains here and there and i am 26weeks. i think its your bodies way of telling you how much is 'enough'. we have been hanging big paintings and putting up curtains and ...

Monday 07 February 05:31pm

luci01 replied to topic sushi whilst pregnant?

i make my own sushi and eat it on the same day. keep in mind australia only has about 4 cases of listeriosis per year. so it is extremely unlikely you will get sick, but the danger is still there,...

Wednesday 29 December 06:49am

luci01 replied to topic headaches! please help!

Have you tried putting a warm wheat bad on your head? I had a pretty bad headache the other night and that really helped...although I also took a couple of nurofens, but might be worth a try nuro...

Sunday 31 October 11:35pm

luci01 replied to topic sit ups and pregnancy

I am 6 weeks pregnant and will continue to go to the gym and carry out all normal exercises until it is uncomfortable. I have always played netball til approx 15 weeks with previous 2 pregnancies...

Sunday 31 October 09:59pm

luci01 replied to topic Too tired after work...

hi there, i like the bike idea too. but remember, having a standing job is like exercise too. maybe during the work day you could fit in small bursts of exercises to maintian strength...calf raise...

Sunday 31 October 06:10pm

luci01 replied to topic Foods at Christmas

hi there, alot of what has been said on here is great!! i was doing a bit of reading on listeria, and i think i remember reading that last yr in australia there were only 4 reported cases of lis...

Sunday 31 October 06:06pm

luci01 replied to topic Sushi - safe or unsafe?

i make sushi at home quite frequently. i make avocado ones or chicken ones. sooo much cheaper than buying it from those places!!!

Monday 08 June 03:08am

luci01 replied to topic Baby Movements.

it is just probably all squished up inside there. i have heard if you havent had baby movements for a few days then contact the midwife.

Monday 08 June 03:04am

luci01 replied to topic Very active fetus

hey there, i am 22 weeks and feel bub all day long. particularly when i am sitting at the computer, or in the evenings. but all day long i get little kicks and some big ones. remember the baby cou...

Monday 08 June 03:02am

luci01 replied to topic eating too much

there is a difference between wanting the food and needing the food. i think maybe you need to evaluate which is your situation. i am 21 weeks and 1 day and have gained 7kg. i started steadily putt...

Monday 01 June 02:47am
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