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lynbabe1 replied to topic 3 day TT

thanks Keeki for sending me the ebook I'll try the method out this weekend and I'll let you know how we'll go.

Tuesday 10 January 03:57am

lynbabe1 replied to topic 3 day TT

Started TT ds 1 month ago and i used the 3 day potty training method. I just wanted to give it a huge wrap My ds is now fully TT night and day it was a hard 3 days but he finally got it and no a...

Saturday 07 January 07:47am

lynbabe1 replied to topic 3 month old stats?

my 3 months old boy is weighting 9.3kg and has 66cm in height!!

Saturday 07 November 10:44pm

lynbabe1 started new topic due in July too

Hi everyone I'm due on the 22nd July 09 with my first baby,I'm so excited...,my MS are so bad I'm not eating what i should ( I only eat fruits,salads and no meat ), I'm worried my baby is not geti...

Friday 02 January 08:04pm
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