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TC21 replied to topic Anyone NOT sharing names'?

one of our friends told us a lovely story (i think its linked to their religion) that they choose the name after the baby is born based on stars, dates etc. and then they whisper the name to the ba...

Saturday 25 October 11:22pm

TC21 replied to topic Need Advice...It's doing my head in

i just thought i'd add.....i asked DH what he would do if a female workmate touched his hands that way, and he said he didn't know and would probably just freeze in surprise. So i guess i can see t...

Saturday 25 October 11:10pm

TC21 replied to topic Need Advice...It's doing my head in

oh I'm so sorry....i really hope there is nothing in this. i must admit i have butterflies too just reading it. I guess with a new baby its hard, you are tired and have hormones still racing aroun...

Friday 24 October 03:47pm

TC21 replied to topic Flabby Tummy

i have exactly the same problem. i have a 2yo and a 6mth old and i'm back to under my pre-preg weight (but nothing like pre-preg shape yet). I was hoping i would magically lose the jelly belly by n...

Friday 24 October 03:26pm

TC21 replied to topic loosen pelvic floor

do you have a good physio near you? they can help heaps with pelvic floor and the back/neck probs. i'm finally off to see a physio 2moro for my back after 6 mths of putting it off! hope it works :-...

Friday 24 October 03:20pm

TC21 replied to topic Huggies doctors

other than the obvious - blood tests, thyroid and iron tests, and maybe a decent multi-vitamin.......i agree with one of the mums that its a stressful job being a mum and we easily get run down. ...

Friday 24 October 03:14pm

TC21 replied to topic What does your 2.5yr old weigh and how tall are they???

my dd is 2yo, 90+cm tall and about 11kg so is tall and slim like her dad's family. I don't worry about the charts too much - if your toddler is active and healthy and has a varied diet then they wi...

Friday 24 October 03:07pm

TC21 replied to topic baby #3 is posterior

Do you know how big this baby is compared to your first 2? I only ask cos my 2nd was posterior but he was also alot bigger than my 1st baby. Both my labours were 12 hours and both needed vacuum, bu...

Wednesday 22 October 03:38pm

TC21 replied to topic tip - stupid comments about having 2 close in age

alex_ruby07 - if i'm totally honest, at the start i found it hard to bond with my second cos i was so busy just trying to get thru each day, and i felt guilty about not having enough time with DD s...

Saturday 04 October 12:04pm

TC21 replied to topic how am i meant to be happy

please tell your friends. if u can't say the words out loud, consider an email to one or two of your closer friends and ask them to spread the word. i went thru 2 m/c a few years ago and totally r...

Thursday 02 October 07:30pm

TC21 replied to topic Refusing 'routine' tests.

we all need to research and understand the tests and vax our kids have, and then make our own decisions. the hsopital and drs i went thru were v supportive of this and helped me understand options...

Thursday 02 October 07:00pm

TC21 replied to topic Implantation bleeding

seeing a naturopath was the best thing i ever did.....after they helped me sort out a dodgy monthly cycle and overactive immune system, i now have 2 v healthy babies. good luck!

Thursday 02 October 06:35pm

TC21 replied to topic Epidural or no epidural??

i have 2 bubs - both meant to be epi's but 2nd one wore off so the main part was completely natural. there was a reason why i opted for epi's though, cos i have v v painful labours and my bubs go ...

Thursday 02 October 06:23pm

TC21 replied to topic Worried about having sex

i had a similar experience, i had 2 m/c, then a baby (dd), then my 4th pregnancy i had heavy bleeding on and off from 10-14 weeks. i was scared too......and waited til much later in pregnancy (i f...

Thursday 02 October 05:38pm

TC21 started new topic tip - stupid comments about having 2 close in age

i have a 6mth and 2yo and got so many stupid comments from ppl since falling pregnant 2nd time....."wow you'll have your hands full", "you'll be busy (with a smirk)" and "you'll really know you're ...

Thursday 02 October 11:12am

TC21 replied to topic A very clingy 13 Month old

sometimes just popping outside for a while can help. is she tired? my kids are extra sensitive when sleepy or hungry. do u have any friends with kids who are same age, or not v noisy? regular play...

Thursday 02 October 10:47am

TC21 replied to topic Bathroom vent

we had the same re: bath....tried a few things. what worked for us were to get 2 of those big old fashioned rubber bath mats (only cost $3 each). I knew dd had taken a slight tumble in the bath and...

Wednesday 01 October 09:59pm

TC21 replied to topic 3yr old daughter is awful to 18mnth old son. Any suggestions?

i'm not quite there - i have a 2yo and 6mth old and am lucky that dd has been good with her brother so far. there are some good suggestions about discipline on here. but my q is briony gettin...

Wednesday 01 October 09:40pm

TC21 replied to topic A very clingy 13 Month old

ella - i had exactly the same. if it helps your dd, do let her sit on your lap or near you or even carry her when first meeting other kids and at playgroup etc. both dh and i were shy as kids and d...

Wednesday 01 October 09:32pm

TC21 replied to topic My 15 Month Old!!! HELP!

we went thru this...and sometimes it resurfaces. i found the best way for us to fix it was to give dd the reasssurance she needed - cuddles, carrys (although my back doesn't appreciate that!), du...

Wednesday 01 October 09:24pm
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