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NLP87 replied to topic Playgroup- 25 and Under around the armadale area

not sure if it is still running, its held at the armadale community centre on challis rd. probably give them a call to find out. I went once and decided not to go back mainly because of another mot...

Friday 05 August 12:16pm

NLP87 replied to topic Armadale Hospital

Call my stupid, but i would think that a woman with a high bmi would know this well before falling pregnant, and be trying to eat as healthy as possible and exercise while pregnant. Surely with me...

Monday 30 May 10:15am

NLP87 replied to topic Armadale Hospital

Thank you all for you posts. I am kinda sad now, cause i have been told i have a high BMI which makes me high risk so i have to have bubs at King Edwards. I was really looking forward to having bub...

Sunday 29 May 08:08am

NLP87 started new topic King Edward Hospital

Hi, I had my daughter in SA but will be having my 2nd child at King Edward Hospital Perth. I was wondering if anyone can tell me of their experiences with having a baby there? Also how long do you ...

Sunday 29 May 08:04am

NLP87 started new topic Armadale Hospital

Hi, I had my daughter in SA 2 years ago but we have moved to perth and I will be having our 2nd child at the Armadale hospital. The pre-natal care here is quite different to SA's so I am wondering ...

Wednesday 04 May 11:57am

NLP87 replied to topic October Babies 2011

Hi my name is Tash and I am almost 14wks, due 2nd October. This will be our 3rd pregnancy but 2nd bubs, so it's a very exciting but nervous time. This pregnancy is completely different to my 2nd, I...

Friday 01 April 05:13pm

NLP87 started new topic Take 5 Magazine Millionaire hot seat Competition

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could possibly give me the answers for the take 5 competition in relation with millionaire hot seat?? as i work i have missed them all...please please please could som...

Tuesday 14 September 02:13am

NLP87 replied to topic Natural Birth.

I had a natural birth with my daughter and will definately be trying it again for next bubs. I was 9 days overdue and went through about 2 hrs of contractions (2mins apart the whole time) before i ...

Saturday 07 August 01:12am

NLP87 replied to topic Problems with ex getting worse

I can understand where you are coming from, not wanting to be away from your child but as others have said you decided to have a child with this man and he has every right to see his child. If he i...

Thursday 05 August 11:41pm

NLP87 replied to topic big w first years ignite stroller

Yes we brought it saturday and its great!! Our daughter loves it too we can't get her out of it, she cried when we try getting her out of it!! Its so easy to push, even on grass and bark! Its great...

Tuesday 03 August 01:34am

NLP87 replied to topic Places to go with 15mth Old

Thank you for that, it will be a great help. Thank you for all the suggestions.

Tuesday 20 July 01:32am

NLP87 replied to topic Places to go with 15mth Old

thanks for the replies, we live near armadale. Yeah i can't wait for better weather because there are some beautiful beaches and parks around just makes it difficult in wet weather. We dont have ...

Tuesday 20 July 01:05am

NLP87 started new topic Places to go with 15mth Old

Hi, we moved to perth about 8 mths ago and are still trying to find our way around and find things to do. My daughter and i stay home most days because i just dont know where we can go. I was wonde...

Tuesday 20 July 12:42am

NLP87 replied to topic Night Terrors????

Hi Kara, my daughter is 15mths old and she does the same thing and she has done since she was about 9 mths old but it isn't usually every night but maybe once a week sometime twice. She will be asl...

Friday 16 July 11:04pm

NLP87 replied to topic Membrane sweeps

I got offered a stretch and sweep the day before i was due as i was already 3 cm dialated (and didn't even know if) i got braxton hick pretty full on about 6 hours later but then nothing. a week la...

Saturday 10 July 11:57am

NLP87 replied to topic How long after a D&C did you start bleeding again?

I had one d&c i only bled for 2 days then started again 7 days later for 4 days as they hadn't removed everything then i got my periods back about 3-4 wks later

Saturday 10 July 11:54am

NLP87 replied to topic Every has an opinion!

When i was pregnant we didn't tell anyone the names we were thinking of because it was our decision not anyone else's so they didn't need to know and i didn't want to be influenced by anyones opini...

Wednesday 07 July 03:32am

NLP87 replied to topic Muscle Pains, Sharp stabbing pain (feelsl like through cervix), feeling bit off at times

I had the exact same pain when i was pregnant, it started when i was about 30wks and the midwife just said it was my body getting itself ready for labour but it doesn't mean you are going to go int...

Wednesday 07 July 03:04am

NLP87 replied to topic To those who rent

I totally agree with Bailey's Mummy, good rentals are so hard to find!! I would definately take the house!! Good luck

Thursday 01 July 11:35am

NLP87 replied to topic when is the right time to announce your pregnancy ?

Just in regards to michasmums comment in regards to 'hiding' a miscarriage.... Hiding it hasn't absolutely nothing to do with not wanting to tell people; it is the fact that it is a very painful th...

Saturday 26 June 11:41am
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