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rdw20675 replied to topic How big was your bub?

no.1 9lb5oz 54cm ten days late a boy (induced) no.2 8lb3oz 52cm four days late a girl the lastest one who is 2 weeks old 7lb11oz 52cm and was 3 weeks early a boy.

Saturday 04 October 01:05pm

rdw20675 started new topic early arrival.

our little boy decided he couldn`t wait another 3 weeks so he popped into the world on friday 19th at 3:28pm.weighing 7lb12 and was 52cm.his name is Rylan Dean.

Wednesday 24 September 04:02pm

rdw20675 replied to topic Boy/Girl

we found out with our second we were having a girl by ultrasound the doctor said he was 100% sure and he was right.i was alright pretty sure she was a girl anyway.this one i had to have an amnio so...

Friday 19 September 10:15am

rdw20675 replied to topic Newborn nappies?

it really depends how fast they grow.i probably used the equivlent of one box for my first he was 9lb5 born but he was putting on a lot of weight each week sometimes 1kg a week so he wasn`t in newb...

Friday 19 September 10:07am

rdw20675 replied to topic The waiting game

i`m hearing you.i`ve still got 3 weeks to go and i`m so bored.i think its because i`m used to working fulltime.i finished work 4 weeks`s getting that way that the internet is even boring me ...

Friday 19 September 06:21am

rdw20675 replied to topic Something I read about inductions....

hi there i was induced with my first one who was 10 days late he just didn`t want to come.the second one i went naturally only 4 days late.i drank raspberry tea the second time around.i`d like to t...

Monday 15 September 08:36am

rdw20675 replied to topic Heart murmur

i had one with my first two i had an echo cardiogram with my first one all was fine.i then find out from my mother i had one when i was a baby and it can come back when you are pregnant.but this pr...

Saturday 13 September 05:37am

rdw20675 replied to topic Going back to work after loss at 24 weeks??? when is it ever a good time????

we suffered a loss last year.i was off work for 6 weeks then i went back part-time as agreed to with my boss before i eventually went back fulltime.i had to go to see a counsellor to even go back t...

Thursday 11 September 06:16pm

rdw20675 replied to topic Is second baby bigger?

my first baby was a boy and 9lb5oz and my second one was a girl and i lucked out and had a small than the first also an easier birth.this one is a boy andi think he will be just as big as...

Tuesday 09 September 10:24am

rdw20675 replied to topic It's Eating Me Up (Medical Termination)

i had the same thing happen last year.our baby girl was found to have trismony 13 first found at 19 week ultrasound and then confirmed with an amnio.we had to medically terminate only i had to go t...

Thursday 28 August 03:26pm

rdw20675 replied to topic Miscarriage at 20 weeks and over (Still Birth) - Compassionate Grounds Baby Bonus

i got it last year after i had to medically terminate our baby girl at 20weeks.i got it though classed as bereavment payment that is the form the hospital gave me but basically it is the baby bonus...

Thursday 28 August 03:15pm
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