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Thanks for replying babyblueeyes, it's nice to hear they can't be cheeky and poke their tongues out, if that's the worst that can come of it, lol.

Thanks Juddsmum - I think that is what our sons was like, he is almost 2 and can poke his tongue out like any other kid, has been able to for ages. Her tongue looks the same as his did when he was born, but she just gets that squelchy noise on her bottles occasionally which made me give it more thought as to what to do. I'll ask my ob more details at the 6 week check up to be sure I think.

in the herald sun confidential pages today there was an article about her character being pregnant and also being diagnosed with breast cancer, apparently made the papers due to her partner passing away from leukemia last year, and that she gets strength for this role from him etc.

I could not find an area to put this other than general, as it's not just about newborns or toddlers that I am asking, its people of any age in general with a tongue tie. Our daughter was born almost 3 weeks ago, and has a tongue tie. Our son did as well, he was born back in 2006. No one ever mentioned anything to us about our sons, my obstetrician, paeds, dr's etc. We just knew it had the flap of skin under the tongue joined right to the edge of his tongue when he was born (if that makes sense). I never thought anything of it at the time... until our daughter arrived and she had the same thing and my ob said, she has a tongue tie. Now my question is, to anyone who has a tongue tie themselves, or their children do, or their little babies. Does it cause any problems in life?? My ob tells me in most cases it will correct itself by the time the child turns one, in my sons case that has been right. He now seems to have a normal tongue. Does not seem to have any speech problems or ea...

woo hoo, it's in the orange box!! now to wait for replies!!

hurry up and show in the orange box.... then someone might answer me!!


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