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I had maternity clothing on ebay, and now the moron of a woman who won the auction refuses to pay for the item she won. She claims she did not actually place a bid so she couldn't have won it. Umm, clear as mud there are her details bidding on it. I know I can just relist it, and file an unpaid item strike against her, BUT, the new feedback rules annoy me. I can leave her positive feedback or positive feedback. Great choices to be made there, she deserves a negative for pulling this stunt! Anyone else been in the same predicament with the new feedback rules? If so, what did you do about feedback, I was just going to not leave her any at all. But then other sellers don't know she is dodgy and does not pay up! Edited as I can't spell! lol [Edited on 02/07/2008]

Posted by: Liesh_&_Rhylie+? yum garlic bread. DH puts it in orange juice garlic bread in his orange juice?? That's different! Another way of taking garlic is to have some crushed with hot water like as if it were a cup of tea. Some stock in the water takes away a little of the brunt of the garlic and enables you to swig it down. Great for colds!

just getting it back to page one again...

Please, no one else answered.... Thanks!!

With my son in 2006 I did, didn't with my daughter this year though. It was such a fun feeling, I could walk a step or two at a time and have to have a rest it hurt that much! Bad suggestion here, you'll hate me for it - but the only relief I got was after my son was born! I had it for a few weeks prior to delivery!

Can you still buy those red and blue balls with the different shapes that you put inside? (I am so bad at describing things) My mum has one from when I was a baby, and I wanted to get another.... anyone be able to help me out??

could you make some plain slab cakes and use a elmo template to cut out elmo shape?

For those that had bubs with tongue ties, juddsmum etc - were your babies quite windy after feeds and need to burp heaps??

Posted by: Juddsmum I thought if they were still badly affected as an older child though that it would affect their speech. As they can't move their tongue to make the correct sounds. Just what I'd imagined. [Edited on 01/07/2008] That was my thought too, I was starting to worry that she may have trouble and end up having a lisp or something if it didn't correct itself. I wondered if they were a hereditary thing, that seems to happen in families, but we have no history in either side of our fmailies, (hubby's or mine) of tongue ties, guess they have to start somewhere! Our sons and our daughters tongues both looked the same at birth, he's almost 2 and has no speech troubles or feeding troubles and can poke his tongue out no worries at all. Perhaps I am worrying over nothing then...

Thanks for all of your replies.