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hi kel, I am home having a boring one too, my dinner plans got cancelled, friends have a cold so they decided to stay away so my new DD does not get it, thoughtful I know, but now I am bored!! Dh is watching footy and I am so over the olympics already!!

Oh Nikki Poor moo, how is she tonight??

Posted by: chante*s_mummy i would go to hossy, but i was there ages before giving up and going home (6 hours) why didn't you wait to be seen? surely wouldn't have been much longer a wait if you had already waited 6 hours.

Posted by: Mummy2 3Girls Or maybe put it in a laundry bag and set the washing machine to "delicate"? LMAO then to fluff it up again steph, put sooty into the tumble dryer for oh say 30 mins, that should do the trick lol

LOL anewmum - could possibly be that as well But generally AF refers to the term Aunt/Aunty Flo - which is a word used for periods. Cheers

glad to be of assistance.

If you were male I would most definately say you had been too busy by yourself! lol Maybe you slept on it funny??

with great care! I decided a few years ago when I was in high school to bath my parents white cat,it had grease on it from sleeping under the car. I popped her into the laundry trough with some nice shampoo.... I looked like I had been through a shredder after about 10 seconds! She clawed the living sh.t out of me! Needless to say the littel b.tch stayed dirty!! Good luck steph!! Or make Liam do it! lol

nikki, if I get the gist of your thread, your taskbar across the very bottom of the page has disappeared?? If so, try this (well this works onmy putery, just tried it out) go to the main menu for the putey, select 'control panel' Go to 'appearance and themes' then select 'taskbar and start menu' tick the box 'keep taskbar ontop of other windows' and make sure the 'auto hide the taskbar' box is not ticked, hit apply and hopefully fingers crossed it works for you! If not, take R's advice and kick it! lol

What a great idea!!! I have hit the report button to bring this post to the mods attention. Well done ladies!