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could it be gastro? maybe you could arm yourself with some disenfectant/bleach just incase is is, might prevent other members of family/household picking it up? Hope you feel better soon.

Here you go Steph! My name is chelle, I am 26 years old and from Vic in the country. I have been with DH for 10 years, since I was 16. He is 5 years older than me. We have been married for 4 years this november. We have a DS, who turns 2 in September, and a DD who is now 2 mths old. Prior to having kids I worked in finance, and now I am a SAHM/business owner/book keeper. We own our own business and I do the books for that, and organise jobs for the boys who work for us to go and do etc. I head into the office probably on average 2 days/afternoons a week. The rest of the time I am fully a SAHM, perks of being my own boss if I don't want to go into work, I simply don't. I have never put my kids in childcare, DS has always come with me to the office, until he reached about 18 mths, then he goes to the grandparents for the day to play whilst I am at work. He loves time with them, as do they, and it does not cost me a cent! Win win situation! DD comes with me wherever I go. I have ...

Posted by: possums When is Fathers Day? it's always the first sunday in september.

Posted by: dees*3*divas DD1 ~waters broke at the hospital DD2 ~ waters broke in a motel room DD3~ waters ruptured at hospital as part of induction. LOL - Motel cleaners would have loved you Dee!!

DS in 2006 I was standing in front of the fridge getting a drink at 3am the day after I was due. DS arrived 10.5 hrs later. With DD in June this year, Dr broke them at hossy to try and get my contractions to come on more regular, they had been every 2 mins then go out to every 20 mins all day. That was our last hope that it would make labour more regular, or else we then had to look at other delivery options (possible c-sec etc). Waters were stained with meconium a little when he broke them. Well his theory worked, better than he had hoped for too. DD arrived 45 mins later, she was in a real hurry to come out!

thanks ladies xx

Tash, I had no idea you were only 19. What a credit to you still sudying, and returning to study after having your DD. You really have your head screwed on right and making some great choices in life! I love your DD's pics in your sig, red really suits her, she is gorgeous!!

thanks so much for all your suggestions everyone!! Will be busy downloading songs today me thinks!! lol

But hence ther being no search button (thanks huggies!!) I can not be stuffed going through every page of general to try and find the thread. I never replied to the thread so it's not in my history either. I am making a dvd slideshow for DH for fathers day with pics of him and the kids etc. I am trying to think of a song to put with it, but can't exactly decide which one to use. I do like arms wide open by creed - although to us it's a little bit of a sad song, a friend had it at their funeral as their coffin left the church. Makes me think of him everytime I hear the song, so that song is out.. I would love to hear all your suggestions. Many thanks huggies people!! xx

Posted by: mumto6boys well firstly... what does deontological mean? What she said lol yep, as above! Too many syllables for me!! lol