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ooh, good luck, we are due for the 2 mth needles, I make DH go with us and hold the kids, then I give them cuddles to make them happy again. I couldn't hold them, I faint at needles, so I wait out the room, and sad to say I am that much of a sook, I cry when they cry!! But lately our nurse has been giving the kids sucrose (I think - sugar water stuff anyway) a bit before the needle, apparently the sugars stop them from feeling as much pain?? Seems to work anyway!

Yay for Jen!! You do seem more upbeat in your posts nowdays too I must say Jen, Glad to hear all is wokring out okay, and glad for Lucas's sake that you and ex are getting along fine around him.

Yay for Nat!! I bet her DH is loving having a pink brush out for a change, I am sure all her big brothers will spoil her rotten with heaps of attention once she arrives. Hmm, I'd put money on it, she'll be an outdoorsy kinda girl playing with the boys!! Can't wait to hear of your sweet princess arriving Miss Nat Carmen, I want to know as soon as you do!!! Nat if your reading this, Much Love to you, and all the best for the delivery. Mwah Chelle xxxxx

LOL, I can relate! I didn't feed this time, I chose formula from the start, so my milk came in and then went again after a few days of rock hard boobies! DH was so shattered, he said if only I could have boobs like that all the time, but without the pain, he'd be soooo happy!!! I would have put pammy to shame, they killed they were more than double what they normally are in size!!

ohh ohh where???? Tam I can't see!!

aw jess, that is so cute!!

Posted by: ILIKETHETRUTH you could ask to borrow tysmoos but beware they might be covered in discharge that smells like sex. Grow up tool!

I never had it Dee, but have heard that celery works a treat, or a spoonful of cider vinegar. Hope it eases shortly so you can sleep! xx

press F11

yay, thanks girlies for becoming my friends!! Now to work out the world of facebook, excuse my sillyness if I send you messages etc in error! I need some training wheels to work it all out! lol