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Just saw these pics on the ninemsn website. Funny pics that have been caught when they took the snaps for google maps. They are funny!!§ionname=slideshows&subsectionname=googlestreetviewrude&photo=1

I am the opposite B, can't really stand it. I will watch a tiny bit here and there, but for me, it's like the summer when tennis is on, and when cricket is on - BORING!! You can watch my share too B - enjoy!!

Steph, you are awesome, a great mummy and Khai is lucky to have such a quick witted mummy to help him the other night. You have every right to be feeling like you are, it's such a massive shock to the system to go through what you did. Gld you were talking to your mum about it though, glad you have support around you. Hope you, DF and Khai have a good day together as a family. Here if you need to chat/vent/cry matey xxx

I was about to start one of these too! Hope Khai is fit and well again Steph, with no problems arising from the other nights events. How are you doing yourself now Steph, such a shock to your poor system!! Here if you need to chat xxx

Perhaps see your doctor and get some help to quit, sooner rather than later. If not for your sake, then for your childs sake. They don't get a choice to stay away from smoke, you make that choice for them, and you have chosen to subject to the effects of passive smoking, in your breastmilk, in your clothes, your child inhales it alld ay averyday being near you. It can be done, Quitting that is. I used to smoke, did for years, and I stopped cold turkey, and I stopped well before I even contemplated TTC our first child, about 2 years before we started TTC. Personally I think it's terrible to subject a child to the elements of smoking. Whether it be when pregnant or whilst breast feeding or just to subject any child to it in general. I will not let a smoker who has just had a cigarette come near my kids, they are too precious to subject to that. Please see your doc and get some help to quit, yes it's addictive, but think of the possible outcome if you don't stop, and what damage m...

Kristy - do you live up that part of vic?? I always thought you lived down melb way. Kate, sadly I have already got plans, otherwise I'd be right beside you lot sipping champers too!!

my DS (23 mths), tuck him into bed (he's in big bed not cot), kiss goodnight, lights out door shut, that's it for about 11 or 12 hrs. He loves his sleep! DD - well she is only 8 weeks old, but plan on being the same as with DS.

How could I miss that spunky little face Suz, she lights up a room!! There was no mistaking she was your lil abigail when I spotted her!!

trying to think - was that the one with the little smiling boy in the bonds singlet in her sig? Why did she leave?

Well, DS is 2 next month, and I still don't leave him outside by himself, I go out with him, and if I need to go in for something, he comes too. I couldn't leave him by himself, and we live in a small town, not on a main road or anything. I just would never forgive myself if anything ever happened to him, so I stay nearby and watch him play or play with him.