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I bought a vicks vapouriser from the chemist and was a great investment! It also helps them sleep better too. Hope this helps

Sleeping bags are fantastic and are really safe. Snugtime make great ones which you can buy to suit different climates. Goodluck

I had the exact same problem with my son. It was suggested to me by the health nurse to get his back checked, and it turned out his back was out from the birth process. A few adjustments later (no cracking involved) and he now loves the pram and car seat. Well worth checking it out!

Wow, what a good little sleeper! I just read the book Baby Bliss and it went through routines for a 6 month old and it suggests 3-3 1/2 total hours of daytime sleep (x2 sleeps a day) and 11 - 12 hours of night sleep. It also suggests that at 6 months a baby should be awake for 2 - 2 1/2 hours at a time. Hope this helps

You poor thing, I completely understand. My son I(now 6 1/2 months) has thought that the day starts at 5am since the day he was born, this makes for a very long day for all! It sounds like you've tried almost everything. We made it a rule to keep trying to resettling until 6am, something you might like to try for settling is gripe water, I was introduced to this at sleep school, its primary use is for wind, but is great for settling. I just used 1.5mls by syringe - can be hit and miss but well worth a go. But get the one from the supermarket and not the chemist one, the one from the chemist contains alcohol and also tastes revolting Hope this helps you

I know how you feel, my son slept beautifully whilst wrapped and we had the issue with him waking himself with his hands. But when he started rolling over it was time to start unwrapping him. We did it slowly, and started by just leaving one arm unwrapped so it wasn't such a shock for him, then moved him into a sleeping bag - worked great!

I started dreamfeeding feed when ds was 3 months old and completely stoppped it when he was 6 months. I did it slowly by bringing the time forward by 15 minutes every 3 days until i was giving it at 9pm. Also I started decreasing the amount of feed every 3 days until he was only having 60mls, then stopped all together which worked wonderfully! I think I was too scared to go cold turkey on the dreamfeed just incase it didn't work. I found this method on Goodluck

Never heard that one before! I thought the issue with using powder was to do with babies inhaling it. It appears these days that everything is somehow linked to cancer

Hi there, My son has been on Nan HA 1 Gold since he was 4 weeks with no issues. Hope this helps

Hi there, what time is his last feed of an evening? Have you thought about doing a rollover feed (dreamfeed)? We did a rollover feed with our son from 3 months and it worked for us, he hasn't had a bottle overnight since. Let me know if you'd like some more info