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I hate to admit it, but tried it and failed also. I know its behavioural, but its just awful, and has me in tears at times

I'm in need of some help please ladies My 13 month old has been biting for about 3 months now, and it appears to be only me he bites. Often it seems he does it out of anger ie, because i take something off him that he shouldn't have and other times i think its because he's tired. I feel i have tried every approach known to man, such as growling, ignoring, distracting, removing him from the situation, etc etc etc. He bites very hard and i am coved in bruises and blood blisters, i am at the end of my tether HELP Thanks in advance

RIP peace Luke. Such a brave little man! My thoughts are with you Jess and your family also -xo-

What an inspirational little man you have. Your sons story really makes you think. Really touched my heart

Not sure what topic I was supposed to put this under, so I thought I'd try here! My 11 month old DS will not stop biting, and it is mostly me he bites and it really hurts (he has a mouthful of sharp teeth). My question is, at his developmental age/level what is the best way to handle it? It seems to be worse when he is tired, but can be at any time really. The most common response I've had is to bite back (not keen on that), any other suggestions? Thanks in advance Will check in later

Hi there, It sounds like your going through a stressful time with your boys. And I'm not sure if this will help, but my DS had a problem with his back too. He hated the pram (also leaned to one side), hated the car seat, only rolled in one direction and had limited range of movement in his neck, at 4 months he was referred to a chiropractor, and it worked wonders for him! We went twice a week for about 3 weeks then once a week for a few weeks after that and now we just have 3 monthly checkups, we saw results within the first week. He is now 10 months old and nearly walking, can sit in a pram and loves the car seat. I may have had similar issues with sitting with my DS too if we hadn't have seen the chiropractor when we did, so i really recommend trying out the chiropractor, my DS actually loved going - it's not cracking or anyhting like that, they use the childs body mechanics. I think its a good idea that your taking your DS to the dr too, its always good to have a second opi...

Sounds like your doing it pretty tough! I have had a similar experience and it nearly drove me round the bend, I am wondering if your DS uses a dummy? My DS did and I was getting up multiple times a night just to put it back in, took away the dummy = problem solved, amazing! I also went to sleep school prior to this issue arising and found it to be beneficial too.

All I bought was the bodytrim pack $149.00, and have not bought anything extra, there are books, recipes, dvd's, etc included in the pack. Unsure about the being able to breastfeed info, but i'm sure you could call the number on the website and ask them.

I got it off there website but recently i have also seen that you can buy it off the shelf at ABC/ collins bookstores

Congratulations for getting through your first week! It is by far the hardest week of all. I have been doing it since june to try and lose those last kilo's after having DS and have so far lost 15.5kg which has put me 7kg under my pre baby weight. It's amazing how fast you adjust to the bodytrim lifestyle, and I love my free days. How did you go with your first weeks weigh in?