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Hi, I'm 40 weeks + 1 (ignore my ticker, I have no idea how to change it, lol!) with my 2nd & will be induced next Thursday if this baby doesnt get moving. I was induced with DS and am really not keen to do that again. I had a stretch and sweep done on Tuesday, and no luck there! Dr advised against castor oil. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I know everyone will probably suggest sex, but I assure you it's not working, lol!!! I have heard people talk about evening primrose oil, how does that work?? TIA Xx

My DH latest suggestion was actually Cooper Lee, so it's on the list. The ones I have like so far are Riley and Levi. I really believe girls names are much easier to come up with!

My husband and I are getting nowhere with a middle name to go with Cooper. And come to think of it, at the moment I'm not even certain that I'm settled on the first name Cooper! So basically we are in a bit of trouble, lol! Can you guys please help me with some middle names, and I'll take any other suggestions for first names too please Thanks

You must be so frustrated by now. My Ds who is 2 had massive tonsils and adenoids which also caused sleep apnea, we consulted a surgeon who works out of both public & private hospitals and the only way we could get his surgery done immediately (which was certainly needed) was to pay to go private and we weren't covered. The initial quote was $1700 but after paying the hospital, anesthetist, surgeon, medications, etc it ended up costing upwards of $3500. But I do not regret it one bit, he is now a different child! He is sooo much happier, and obviously healthier. As far as I'm aware we can claim some money back at tax time, but as for Medicare rebate at the time we may have got around $400 back I think. Which state are you in? Any questions feel free to PM me Good luck

Thanks for your replies. I never had this issue with ds1, but did develop varicose veins in my thighs post the birth (not real bad ones though). It has made me feel better that it will ease once I've given birth, thank goodness. I will try an ice pack on the bad days, and maybe try resting a little more!

I'm now 27 weeks pregnan with my second child and for the last 3-4 weeks I've been feeling a lot of pressure down below by the end of the day (thought I was on the verge of a prolapse). Today I've discovered varicose veins! I am on my feet 95% of the day which I'm assuming along with the weight gain has contributed to this. Has anyone else had this? If so, did you find anything helped stop it from extending? Also after the baby was born did things go back to normal? Thanks in advance

I am so impressed by the way you have handled this difficult situation, you have been so unselfish throughout & that little boy is very lucky to have you as his advocate. It is also really great to see what a great family we have here at huggies, i'm not one to respond often, but really enjoy reading everyones stories & experiences Good luck -xo-

So glad it went well & got the all clear!

An Echo is an ultrasound of the heart, it's a non-invasive procedure which shouldn't cause your child too much distress. Out of curiosity, why are they doing this test? Hope this helps

Hi, I've had my captiva for 2 years & love it. Its very spacious & heaps of storage space. I have a manual diesel & get 650km per tank, and i only drive short trips around town. The only thing that annoys me is that my sunnies don't fit in the sunglasses compartment, lol! If i had my time again i'd still buy it