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Hey Ness, It sounds quite nasty, at this point if the infection was under control the pain should be subsiding.You said the infection was also in the bone? If so then it sounds like osteomylitis which probably would require some lengthy iv antibiotics to clear it up. Did he get it reviewed today at all?

Vulval varicosities look just like thick ropey veins, and cause a lot of pressure and discomfort. As skippy also said, they don't usually appear like blood blisters. Definitely get it checked out at your next appt. From experience, if they are varicosities they will disappear shortly after the birth, I was told they would but had trouble believing anyone, lol. Good luck

So glad you asked these questions! My DS2 is nearly 2 weeks old and I was unsuccessful in feeding DS1 so it all feels new to me too. My nipples are still a bit tender when he latches on, but it resolves pretty quickly, initially it was like razor blades! I'm feeding roughly every 3 hrs during the day and 3-5 hourly overnight, it takes about half an hour to feed, 15 minutes each side.

Well, I'm still waiting! Nothing has worked as yet & can I say my tongue really hurts from all the acid in the darn pineapple that I've been consuming. Looks like I've got another stubborn little baby xx

That's great news, congratulations. Now you can relax Xx

Our little Noah Thomas arrived on the 31st July 3.3kg 46cms. He came in a hurry giving mummy an hour labour Yay! Xx Jess Congratulations! He was in a hurry

can always try this..... Lol, that's great. But not sure I have those moves!! I've been out & bought 3 pineapples, and have started number one!

Ok then, Lucky I love pineapple - but may not by the end of the week. I'll give it a go. I will also be going for a lobsided walk & having a hot curry for dinner. Sounds like I'm in for a fun day now Cheers girls

I did everything you've mentioned and nothing worked (I was induced at 42+4) I think sometimes nothing is going to move things along until the baby is good and ready! Good luck I have thought that as I think I tried everything with DS at 41+2, but just throwing it out there to see if there's anything I missed. I just really don't want cynto again

Thanks girls, MrsKHJ I have been using an automatic breast pump but not nearly for 20 minutes so I will increase the time on that! Bubblegut, I'm sorry but I'm still PMSL at your castor oil incident! I tried castor oil twice with DS, and I was well and truly cleared out! So it looks like I'll be heading off to the chemist to get some EPO capsules. Thanks again