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Are there any BRCA1 Carriers on here??

I also had this trouble with DS2 when he went onto solids. If there is faeces in the lower rectum then you could try paediatric glycerol suppositories, they are just over the counter from the chemist, this will soften it enough to pass through. Continue with the coloxyl drops 3 times a day, offer plenty of water and fruit. It is awful when you know they are uncomfortable! I hope things improve soon

Hi there, My ds1 had obstructive sleep apnea from a very young age also. It took a very long time to get to the bottom of his issue. He had behavioral issues, always looked exhausted, and woke a resettled himself up to 10 times a night. He would sleep very awkwardly and mostly on his tummy to help with air entry. I had a fantastic MCHN who was very persistent on finding the cause of the issues above. We were referred to a ENT specialist who said that he had grossly enlarged tonsils & adenoids, they prescribed him a nasal spray to try and decrease the size of his adenoids until he could put on some weight to have surgery (they like them to be 15kg). Anyway it didn't work, therefore he had his tonsils and adenoids removed 2 weeks later & grommets put in as his hearing was also affected due to fluid levels from the big T's & A's. He was 1 year old when this all happened. And can I say, that surgery was the best thing ever! His mood, sleep, behavior and speech improved immensely. I...

Hi I started my 6 month old DS2 on solids a couple of weeks ago, he's just had the basic rice cereal, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, etc so far. What I'm wondering is, what are your 6 month old feeding/sleeping regimes? How many bottle/breast feeds & when are you giving the solids? I know I have been through all this before, but I for the life of me can't remember what I did!! Also if you have any meal ideas that'd be great too...... Thanks x

The sheet sounds like a great idea (why did I not think of that??), I wouldn't be able to make one from fabric as I couldn't sew to save my own life, lol. So it seems I'll just keep wrapping him since he's happy & try the sleeping bag again in a few months time Cheers x

Thanks Nodrog, I think I've got the biggest wraps, 1m x 1.2m and he still escapes! I am also concerned that he'll roll himself over & get stuck face down with his arms tucked in.

Hi girls, I have a 4 month old DS who loves being wrapped, the trouble is he is getting to big for the wraps now and as soon as he gets a hand out he can't be resettled, therefor sleep time is over!! I tried a sleeping bag today (cold turkey on the wrapping) - failed after a long period of resettling, I also tried unwrapping just one arm to ease him into in - no way! So really, what else can I do? Is there any tips you can offer or any products your aware of that can help? Thanks x

Firstly Del I am so sorry, it shattered me reading your post. You have not let anybody down, so please don't think that. Please take care of yourself. The ladies of huggies are here for you Xx

Hi there, I can completely understand your worry. I had a slightly similar scare, I had a dating scan at which I thought I was 8 weeks, when he did the u/s there was only a sac visible - my heart just sank! They ended up doing an internal ultrasound which showed that I had a retroverted uterus which made it impossible to see baby that early (it dated me as being roughly 7 weeks). DS2 is now 12 weeks old Did they do an internal u/s on you? I really hope all turns out ok Xx

Firstly congratulations on the arrival of Liam! I am no expert on spina bifida but have just done some reading about it. How is Liam going? How are you and your family coping? Big hugs to you all