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I have a friend who is very small, maybe a NZ size 6? Maybe even smaller if thats possible? She was 10 days over due and had a vaginal birth. He was 9.8 pounds!

Hey all, Just adding myself to the list: I was born in South Africa, Cape Town and lived there for 18 years till my family moved to New Zealand. Our location list: VIC: Caz (Benalla) NSW: Cindy (forster) QLD: Beck (Roma) Belinda U (Logan, QLD) Lauren (Cape York, north east of Weipa) WA: SA: NT: Kim (Hart's Range via Alice Springs) TAS: ACT: NZ: Nicola (justnix) - Auckland, New Zealand

Hi everyone, G - maybe he's feeling like this is really telling him he's getting older? Some parents hate being called grand mother or grand father because we picture these really old people! mummytojaylah - glad the move went well! Hope the doc appointment goes well too. Lizyd - I would feel honored if you called you baby after my daughter Asher means - blessed, happy and fortunate and the another spelling is Asha which means - hope (I think) AFM - Had our scan on Monday and bub measured exactly 12 weeks and 2 days which is spot on to the dates my midwife gave me. Bub seems so much bigger and less active to how Asher was at 12 weeks and 5 days! Everything seems fine. Not stressing about the results as I'm a low risk anyway. Length CRL was 5.89cm. They didn't tell me the heart rater unfortunately. I have to take a photo of the scan pics so will do that later this week. Hope everyone is well!

So sorry you are feeling so tired. I hope you get to rest up after the move I'm sure you will be grateful when it's all over. I went to the doctor today and it turns out I have Bronchitis. So I'm on antibiotics, and asthma inhaler and panadol. Had a temp of 37.7 aswell.

Hey everyone, I sent a feedback comment to huggies telling them of the forum issue so hopefully that helped. Also I only need to change the web address to and it keeps me signed in and on this thread so hopefully it stays like this as I would love to post more on here! About taping the birth, I watched birth (full frontal sometimes) videos on YouTube but you need to be signed in and state you are over the age of 18. Hope everyone is well. I've been sick with a cold which is now a lingering, very, very dry cough! So annoying. Hope everyone is well. Nicola

Hi Hannah, I struggled too with my 20 month old! All I wanted to do was sleep and do nothing but she is so active and just wanted to go out all the time! I think I'm getting better now so will be making it up.

G.K - If you had your wisdom pulled it would have to be without pain relief from my understanding. I have a broken back wisdom tooth that has been like that for 3 years and I'm praying it doesn't cause any hassles with this pregnancy. It held out when I was pregnant with Asher. And yes my midwife is the same I had with my first pregnancy. She was so calm and encouraging during the labor, she was just great! I'm so annoyed with huggies website. Those of you from Oz that respond to this thread, means I get the ozzie link and not the nz link which takes me to the huggis au site and not the nz site, so I have to change to the huggies nz site, re log in and then search through this thread from when I last read. Gets so frustrating and hence why I'm not responding so much. I will post on facebook more in a couple of weeks. Tuesday I got up feeling fine then drank a cold glass of vitafresh, went to to get my girl out of bed and then the next thing I'm running to the loo and throwing up! ...

Hi all, Midwife appointment went well. Too early to hear the heartbeat though so have to wait till the week of the 10th May to find out all it ok. Midwife reckons my due date is 20th November according to a 28 day cycle but I've only ever had 25 day and 27 day cycles so I will stick to the 17th unless my scan says otherwise. Will do some bloods this week and then get more bloods to attach to the scan. I am so, so, so, so sorry to those of you who have lost your babies. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Leanne - with my first pregnancy I didn't throw up till week 10 and only did so 3 times after that till week 12. You may not throw up at all so consider it a blessing Still eating like a horse and still no weight gain, very pleased about that. SO excited for those of you having scans this week!

Hi to the newbies and so sorry to those of you feeling so sick! AFM - I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow. If there is a heartbeat and all is good then we will announce to our family. Everyone else will wait till our 12 months is up. When I'm hungry I feel so sick so I feel like I've been eating for 4 sometimes! Yesterday I forced down 3 hotdogs in hope that I wouldn't be so hungry but 3 and a half hours later I felt so sick and had to eat again... ugh! Went to bed at 10pm and by midnight I was so hungry again and feeling so sick. Had a biscuit but 15 minutes later I was hugging the toilet. Felt much better after that though. Fill you in what happens tomorrow.

Hey all, With my first I found drinking a cold glass of water as soon as I woke up helped a bit with morning sickness. In regards to toddler beds. We moved Asher at 18 months. It probably took about a month to get into things but she did pretty well otherwise. Just keep to your routine. I wanted to move her before I fell pregnant so I wouldn't have to deal with issues before I was due. We will be moving her into another bedroom though so I will do that about a month before I'm due.