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mumtoamiracle replied to topic what is the reasons for misscarrage? and does age cou.nt

Its sucks a lot doesn't it! I feel your pain, I had 3 miscarriages at 22 and apparently for no reason at all. We did tests and all they would say is maybe it was for the best! FOR WHO!!!!! We went ...

Thursday 21 January 02:00pm

mumtoamiracle started new topic Anyone tried to influence gender of baby? If so, how?

We have a beautiful baby boy but had 3 miscarriages prior to his birth. We believe the bubs were all girls and want to try to conceive a girl to see if we can actually genetically conceive healthy ...

Tuesday 19 January 01:58pm

mumtoamiracle replied to topic Toddler Taming

Yes, am currently reading the toddler taming, DR Christopher Green now. The book is very interesting and may not appeal to some. He is against smacking, as are we, and promotes time out as a form o...

Tuesday 19 January 01:49pm
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