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You get given a whole packet of information to take home, stuff with centrelink and forms to fill out for the birth certificate etc. And I think from memory you get 60days to name your baby. Well you do in Victoria, not sure about SA.

I've had two ceaser's, one emergency and one elective, and neither time have I had an issue breastfeeding. My firstborn (emergency) had no skin to skin with me for an hr or so, until I got back to my room, but she fed for almost 14months. And my second (elective) I had a cuddle with him in theatre, then we had skin to skin contact as soon as we got into recovery, he has been feeding for 13months now. I don't recall my milk being affected, I had plenty with both babies. I do think though its an individual thing, I know mums that have had natural/ceasers and had issues breastfeeding... Hope that helps a little

ABC reading eggs at the moment have a 5week trial thing- I am not fully sure on the details, but go to their homepage and I think it has some info there. We use/d the program with my dd. She enjoys it, it keeps her quiet and she learns at the same time Its great because it 'tests' them and puts them at the right level and then they can progress at their own rate. I know our school does not sign them up to anything apart from mathletics (which is another great program)

My DS is 7months and he has similar to what your little one is having, except he eats some yoghurt with fruit after his veg at lunch/dinner. He hasn't had much meat yet, mainly veg/yoghurt/fruit. But I think if he is happy eating what he is given, then its all good!

No help, just my sympathy. My ds is 4mths next wk & sleeping terribly, especially when out! All I can say is persevere and hopefully she'll go back to sleeping better for you

I am going through the same thing right now, though maybe not as bad as you! My little one sleeps ok at night, he'll have a good 4 to sometime 6hrs straight before having a feed then going back to sleep. But during the day is another story. He cat naps. At most we might get an hr out of him at a time. But once he wakes up, that's it. He won't go back to sleep. He expects to be fed again, even if its been an hr since his last feed! Today I tried really hard to read his 'sleepy' cues, and I succeeded twice. But this afternoon/this evening has been a disaster, and what worked this morning is not working tonight! So no advice, but lots of sympathy!!!

SunMoonStars wrote: my ds must be a freak of nature then smile he is 8 in march and is 135 cm. he wears a size 12 clothes! i recon my dd will be taller than him, she is 89 cm and is 18 months. Don't worry, my dd just turned 6 and is 124cm. I'm only 150cm!!!

Hi I have an overactive thyroid and am having a baby next month. I was diagnosed early last year with graves disease. I'm happy to pm with you about it all if you like? Touch wood I haven't had any issues & I'm not classified as high risk either. I'm sure you'll be ok, easier said then done, but try not to stress

I made my mum a scarf and we bought her a pair of pink fluffy slippers (thats what she wanted). This year I really cut back on what I spent on her, and I am totally fine with that. Kinda sick of trying to compete with my sister The photo calender we made one year was incredibly popular. My mum does love anything with my DDs face on it hahahaha.

Your welcome