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mvs started new topic What kind of routine for 15 month old?

Hi all, not sure if this is the right section. Interested in what kind of (if any) routine you have for you 15ish month old? My boy has one sleep only for 1.5 hours, but he was having his milk the...

Thursday 23 July 04:00am

mvs replied to topic Chocolate cake

this is a really good one, never fails and easy. Beat 2 eggs wtih 1 cup sugar Add 300mls thickened cream and beat. Add 2 cups SR flour and a pinch of salt and about 2 table spoons of cocoa, more o...

Wednesday 25 March 08:23pm

mvs replied to topic Day Sleep Routine 11 to 12 Months

my DS is 11.5 months and has 2 x 1.5 hour sleeps, or a 1.5 and a 45 min. I somethimes even struggle to get in 2 sleeps a day. If your boy is having a 3 hour sleep, he will probably be ok with just...

Wednesday 25 March 08:10pm

mvs replied to topic What routine do u use for a 12mth old???

My boy is 11.5 months and his day looks something like this. Wakes at 6am for a BF, goes back to bed till 7. Breakfast 7.30 Bed 1030 - 12. Lunch 12 Bed 3.30 - 4.30 Dinner 5. Bed, somewhere between ...

Wednesday 25 March 08:06pm

mvs replied to topic help??

Try not to stress about, you can't expect too much from a one month old. Trust me, things will improve soon. My baby used to do much the same thing, but he came good. Just hold her and soothe her a...

Wednesday 25 March 07:41pm

mvs replied to topic sleeping through the night

Slept through for the first time at 11 months old. Although it would be 'normal' to happen around 4 - 6 months.

Wednesday 25 March 07:37pm

mvs replied to topic The worst 10 month old

hi there, i too followed this book using the lay down technique on my 8 month and after literally hours of laying down he was still not sleeping. he continued waking hourly overnight and standing, ...

Sunday 25 January 02:37pm

mvs replied to topic STANDING IN COT.... WON'T LIE DOWN TO GO TO SLEEP???

Well its reasuring to know i'm not the only one with this problem. My 9 month old has been standing for about 3 weeks at bedtime and everytime he wakes, its very frustrating what to do. Ive done th...

Thursday 01 January 11:47am

mvs replied to topic Baby and Eczema - HELP!!

Hey , the goats milk soap is meant to be really good. I watched a documentary on tv of a factory somehwere in rural Aust. where they make it and its supposed to work wonders.

Saturday 27 December 07:24pm

mvs replied to topic alcohol and breast feeding

Not sure about the technical data on that. But i'm sure some some alcohol would be getting through. Doesn't sound too healthy for mum or bub. I use to know someone who drank about the same and woul...

Saturday 27 December 07:16pm


Hi, used this method on my 8 month old for last 2 days. He was previously being patted to sleep, which was fine to start, but he was wanting to be patted basically hourly at night. Anyway, the patt...

Saturday 27 December 07:09pm

mvs replied to topic Easy trifle recipe

Hi, i get asked to make triffle for xmas every year for about the last 10 years. Here we go. layer in a deep bowl - like maybe a salad bowl. sliced jam roll cake a tin of sliced peaches, with some...

Saturday 06 December 08:10pm

mvs replied to topic leaking nappies of a night

Sorry huggies, but i've had zero success with huggies nappies for night time. I find baby love and aldi nappies have never leaked at all. DS now 8 months, fed 3 times over night and no nappy change...

Saturday 06 December 07:50pm

mvs replied to topic Is my 8 month old boy too big???

hi, just got my 8 month old weighed yesterday and he's 11.3 kg. He started out at 4.2 kgs. The doctor did say he was pretty big and asked out he's eating, activities and husbands size and said 'he ...

Saturday 06 December 07:45pm

mvs replied to topic Crawling

Sounds like your boy is doing great with what he is doing so far. My DS didn't crawl to 11.5 months and walked about 4 months later... he seems ok now and is 4. So like the other say, don't worry a...

Saturday 06 December 07:40pm

mvs replied to topic WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BABY?????????????????

Just thinking... could be like an ear infection, urinary tract infection, kidney infection etc. You can't really see these things but they can be painful and aren't always accompanied with a temper...

Saturday 06 December 05:46am

mvs replied to topic WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BABY?????????????????

I think i'd be taking her to the doctor - to be one the safe side if she is so constantly miserable. Doesn't sound like much fun for the poor bub. Good luck.

Saturday 06 December 05:44am

mvs replied to topic COMEDY RELIEF part 2: the things we sacrifice!

Wow, i feel more human already reading this. I use to carry lipstick in my handbag and wouldn't be seen in public without it, now they are gathering dust. As for my hair, my last haicut was 4 month...

Friday 05 December 09:02am

mvs replied to topic Weight loss and breast feeding

Hi, i've been BF my DS for 8 months, after about 5 months i was less that my pre-pregnancy weight, all my clothes are loose and i've had to adjust the buttons on everything and get new ones. The we...

Friday 05 December 08:54am

mvs started new topic 8 month old with hacking cough and cold and not happy - what to do?

Hi, i've got an 8 month old with a hacking cough and a big runny nose, he coughs alls night and is just not happy at all. I've just taken him to the docs and got the all clear, just a virus, not mu...

Thursday 04 December 02:15pm
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