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3Jayz replied to topic When you were on TV...

Ditto...I was on Romper Room aged 4 as well.

Friday 08 November 09:50pm

3Jayz started new topic Shoes lasting only a few weeks

Can anyone recommend brands of hard wearing boys shoes for a boy who is really tough on his shoes? I'm tired of having to replace them so frequently. They all look terrible within a week or t...

Friday 04 October 04:47pm

3Jayz replied to topic Sunscreen?

My daughter has had skin reactions with baby/child sunscreen - but never with an adult one (even the adult version of the same brand). When I looked at the bottle, it seemed that there is an awful...

Monday 09 September 12:17pm

3Jayz replied to topic Fruugo

Sorry, I got no replies and didn't end up using the website.

Sunday 25 August 05:53pm

3Jayz replied to topic Need help with suitable books for a 6 year old boy

I remember it being so hard to find some age-appropriate (and not really gross) reading material for a 6 year old who reads at a higher level. From memory... Flat Stanley books, Andy Griffiths Tre...

Thursday 22 August 05:19pm

3Jayz replied to topic Parenting style

Yes you can definitely learn to be a better parent - and we can all learn in this area as none of us are perfect. Just learning a few techniques to help you deal with the tough situations and rela...

Wednesday 21 August 09:18pm

3Jayz replied to topic Eloise

Pretty name. I only know one - and don't know her middle name.

Wednesday 21 August 09:09pm

3Jayz replied to topic New to West Auckland from Sydney - wanting to meet other mums

Try the coffee group at Glen Eden Baptist church - 10am-12pm every Thursday morning. Very supportive, friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

Wednesday 21 August 09:06pm

3Jayz started new topic Dental fissure sealant

Has anyone needed to have this done on their kids teeth? The dental nurse has recommended this for dd - I haven't spoken to her yet, so I am not sure what she is basing this on. I'm fee...

Monday 01 July 08:05am

3Jayz replied to topic What do 8yo girl's like?

Jewellery, jewellery box, cool bag, craft kits, cool stationary or lockable diary, board/card games.

Friday 07 June 12:22pm

3Jayz replied to topic Does anyone....

No pizza gets left in this house (lol). But if there was some I would consider it for breakfast.

Monday 20 May 09:00am

3Jayz started new topic Chimney sweeps

For those of you who have a fireplace or wood burner in your home... How often do you get it swept or checked for safety?

Monday 20 May 08:52am

3Jayz replied to topic Do you..??

Yes - always bring them in. I hang them on racks that could blow over on a windy night. What I am really scared of though is the Tom cat that seems to spray around our property - he has been known...

Tuesday 23 April 07:33pm

3Jayz replied to topic DS is turning 8 soon... I need your help :)

My son just turned 9. I have noticed less interest in his previous toys over the last year it must be an age where interests start to change - he is now far more interested in electronic gadgets, ...

Friday 05 April 10:52am

3Jayz replied to topic Worming children

lex88 wrote: I am a Vet Nurse and the worms you treat children for are not the worms you generally treat animals for, in fact, contrary to popular belief it is quite difficult to contract the worm...

Sunday 13 January 05:24pm

3Jayz replied to topic Urine in mattress

Spring mattress

Thursday 10 January 12:20pm

3Jayz started new topic Urine in mattress

A whole bladder full of urine on one of our mattresses! I soaked up as much as possible in the middle of the night with a towel and some baking soda. Any advice? What have others done? New matt...

Thursday 10 January 10:53am

3Jayz replied to topic How many of you had a strong feeling about the sex of your baby and were right??

I was wrong both times.

Sunday 23 December 08:59pm

3Jayz replied to topic name for our baby girl

Out of those options I like Layla best - so pretty.

Sunday 23 December 08:58pm

3Jayz replied to topic Huggies mums unite for Xmas random kindness!

Here are some more RAOKs to inspire you.

Sunday 23 December 07:54am
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