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jomaf replied to topic Saliva Ovulation Microscope

Hi, I used Maybe Baby for each of my pregnancies(only 1 succesful out of 3 and I found it to work quite well. It actually says on the info that it may not be accurate for some women. Guess I'm one ...

Saturday 19 March 02:19am

jomaf replied to topic So lost

Hi. I just had my 3rd miscarriage. I thought I was 12 weeks but at my scan i realised straight away that something was wrong. I too felt like I had done something wrong or that maybe something is w...

Sunday 02 January 05:31am

jomaf replied to topic pregnant and gym??

Hi. I've been going to the gym whilst pregnant. The whole thing about keeping your heart rate at or under 140bpm hasn't got any scientific backing.That used to worry me cause I am a fit person but ...

Wednesday 17 November 02:52am

jomaf replied to topic Bonds easysuits.....

Those so called Easy suits are definately not easy, especially when you leave it up to hubby to dress bub. he was so worried that he was gunna break her legs and arms that he gave up and called me ...

Tuesday 12 May 05:48pm

jomaf replied to topic Epidural

i had an epidural with my DD as she was posterier. I fought the pain for about 4 ours then decided to have the epidural. It took the dr. 4 shots to get it in which was so painful, but I'm glad i ha...

Saturday 11 April 10:15am

jomaf replied to topic Best Formula to use???

I have found nan ha gold to be the best one. It has a probiotic in it to help with digestion and gut health. I tried s26 but found it made DD constipated. It is all about trial and error.

Friday 22 August 08:34am

jomaf started new topic starting back on the pill

Not sure if I am putting this in the right area, but I have started taking levlen 2 months ago and I keep having breakthrough bleeding. It isn't like a normal period but it is really annoying cause...

Thursday 21 August 01:00pm

jomaf replied to topic What offensive/inappropriate comments/opinions do you get?

It's amazing the comments that you get when you tell people that you aren't breastfeeding. I got the following... "you do know that it is the best thing for your baby don't you?" and That's a shame...

Thursday 21 August 11:23am

jomaf started new topic Baptism question

Just wondering what the procedure is for baptism in a catholic church. Both my husband and i are catholic but we don't go to church. We want to baptise our DD so that she is the same as us. Does th...

Saturday 02 August 02:17pm

jomaf replied to topic Tummy Time Trouble

Hey Kittens!!! I put her in front of the tv as well. She absolutely loves it, especially when Hi-5 is on. She is only 3 months old and is addicted. Oh well, whatever keeps her happy. She now rolls...

Saturday 02 August 01:57pm

jomaf replied to topic Babies sleep during the day?

I had the same problem. All I do now is feed her and let her fall asleep, then put her in her bassinette. She sleeps anywhere between 1-3 hours at a time. The MHN told me this wasn't a good idea be...

Friday 04 July 12:26pm

jomaf replied to topic WHO COME INTO YOUR BIRTH

Hi Jazz!! I had only my mum and my DH in there with me. Besides, the hospital would only allow 2 support people. I don't think I could handle having too many "spectators" in there with me. Let's f...

Friday 04 July 12:19pm

jomaf replied to topic Tummy Time Trouble

Hi everyone!! Thanx for all your replies. Today we tried tummy time again. I put a mirror in front of her and she was happy to look at herself for about 5 mins before she cracked it. I'm just gonna...

Friday 04 July 12:12pm

jomaf replied to topic When to start the pill again???

Hi Talo. My doc told me to start the pill when my period starts cause I'm also not breastfeeding. My DD was born 22nd April. Still waiting for things to go back to normal.

Wednesday 02 July 05:52pm

jomaf started new topic Tummy Time Trouble

Hi. My DD is 9 weeks old. The maternal health nurse tells me how important tummy time is but when I put her on her tummy she cries after about 1 minute. She lifts her head a little bit but seems to...

Wednesday 02 July 05:49pm

jomaf replied to topic hip click

Hi Rowena!! Thanx for your reply. I've had a couple of people tell me that their baby had a hip click and were told to put them in two nappies for a couple of months to correct it. Hopefully that ...

Thursday 12 June 08:03am

jomaf started new topic hip click

hi!!! my dd just had her 6 week check up. everything was fine, but the doc said that she has a click in her left hip. She is going for an ultrsound in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is o...

Friday 06 June 11:09am

jomaf replied to topic sleeping problems

Hi I will have to try that book. Can you get it from any book store? At the moment, we will try anything to all get a good nite's sleep. I try to let her self settle during the day. she seems to b...

Thursday 15 May 01:06pm

jomaf started new topic Sleeping issues

Thanks everyone for your replies. It has made me feel alot better about co sleeping. I've tried the let her try to self settle but she cries so much that it breaks my heart to let it go on. I can't...

Saturday 10 May 12:46pm

jomaf replied to topic sleeping problems

Thanks for your reply. I got so much conflicting advice from the maternal health nurse and midwives. One midwife said that co sleeping is fine as babies don't usually settle into a routine till the...

Saturday 10 May 12:38pm
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