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jo1975 replied to topic Due November 2011

Hi Everyone, I'm Jo and should be due around the 7th of November. This is my second pregnancy - I have a 3 year old son already. Revoltingly, I conceived this one on Valentines Day We've had ...

Sunday 13 March 02:50am

jo1975 replied to topic 10&half month old not crawling

My boy started command crawling at about the same age. He's a big boy too. Nothing to worry about. By 11 1/2 months he was climbing up to kiss the tv, spider man style!!!! Be thankful of immobility...

Thursday 31 July 02:47pm

jo1975 replied to topic Big Babes

I have a big bubby too. Even though he's been sick recently, at 6 months he was 10.1kgs and 76cms tall. Hubby and I are both over 6 ft so it makes sense that he is big too. I love when stranger...

Wednesday 20 February 12:35pm

jo1975 replied to topic big 4 month old

Hi, my bub is a chubby bubby too. He was last weighed at 8 and a bit weeks and was 7kgs and 66cms long. Me thinks I'm going to have a basketball player on my hands!!!!! I think he's geogous and ...

Saturday 13 October 07:02am

jo1975 replied to topic Bubs Stats?

My chubby bubby was at birth: 4.6kg and at 8 weeks: 7kg at the moment putting on roughly 500g/fortnight.

Sunday 07 October 05:58pm

jo1975 replied to topic before or after EDD?

I knew my dates exactly, as was having fertility treatment,(edd 17/07/07) and was finally induced 12 days later. He still didn't come that day either, so ended up being 13 days over (Finally, on 3...

Saturday 29 September 01:09pm
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