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Nicky_01 replied to topic 10 months old - what are they doing?

8 teeth.. OMG.. thats heaps.. my DD hasnt even got one yet lol! but im not worried.. DD1 didnt get her first tooth till the day after her 1st birthday lol! late teethers i have!

Thursday 24 December 10:32pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Co-Sleeping

Hi there With DD1 i co slept with her till about 16 mths, i to felt guilty, like it was not the RIGHT thing to do! I listened to everyone else and put her in a big girls bed at 16mths old! With DD...

Tuesday 22 December 11:49pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic definition of walking

I would clasify walking and first steps as being able to do it unaided. i do know of babies who are walking around unaided at 8/9 mths, crazy as it sounds lol! they just seem to small to be walkin...

Tuesday 22 December 11:39pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic 10 months old - what are they doing?

My sharni is 10 months old. Only really says DADADADA all day lol! Mumma a few times. She been crawling since 7 mths and walking around whilst holding on to stuff and can stand up on her own. No te...

Tuesday 22 December 11:34pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Can you ask to be induced earlier than your Due Date?

Hi there Its not going to hurt to ask... but i had a horrible first labour and she was a big baby and with dd2 the buggers wouldnt even induce me a week early (they were saying at 39 weeks she was ...

Saturday 03 October 06:32pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic stretch and sweep..

Hey there! I had one with DD1 at 40 weeks. I had a show that evening. Had my contractions started the following night. She wasnt born till 3 days after that.. Long labour! DD2 i had one at 39 wee...

Thursday 01 October 06:47pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Need help, had terrible labour with first child now pregnant with second and terrified!

Hi there.. I had a pretty horrible first labour (nothing compared to yours tho) it was long, painful and scary. DD1 was big aswell, 9 pounds 7 (and im only a size 8 small person) I was in labour f...

Wednesday 12 August 12:20pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic epidural question ....

Hi there! I thought you couldnt have the epidural till 4cm? Maybe all hospitals are different. I remember with DD1, which was a horrible, long , painful, slow labour, i had been up 2 nights on and ...

Saturday 01 August 06:48pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic If you used "Raspberryleaf", a question?

With dd1 i didnt drink it, labour was very very slow, long, painful, horrible labour! Now with DD2 i thought i would give the tea a go, i started at 37 weeks (maybe should have started abit earlier...

Tuesday 28 July 07:44pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic 2nd time round longer or shorter.

DD1 was born at 40 weeks and 5 days. A very long labour, went for more then 24 hours. Suprisely she was a big baby 9 pounds 7. Vacum Extraction. Had second degree tearing. DD2 was born at 40 week...

Friday 10 July 07:12pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Canning Vale

I have heard Monkey Bars is good aswell, its a play centre/learning program, i have actually joined DD1 up for term 3 (shes 2.5) its pricey though, $160 a term, compared to a normal playgroup tha...

Friday 10 July 07:06pm

Nicky_01 started new topic For sale

Hi Ladies I have a White Cot, in very very good condition, along with a white mozzie net & halo stand, and a matress (very good matress aswell) for sale! All in mint condition, hardly used (little...

Thursday 09 July 07:04pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic HELLLLP!!!

Hi there Those little sleeping bag pjs - im sorry i dont know the exact name of them lol.. but there good!

Wednesday 08 July 09:12am

Nicky_01 replied to topic when can your baby use a jolly jumper?

Hi there I used at Jolly Jumper with DD1 when she was about 3-4 mths (cant be exactly sure when lol) she was crawling by 7 mths, after that didnt want a bar of it lol just make sure your little boy...

Wednesday 08 July 09:11am

Nicky_01 replied to topic Baby not engaged at 39 weeks + 4 days, want to avoid caesar ... tips to help bub drop??

HI there Both my babies didnt engage till 40 weeks! Both were born 5 days after due date!

Tuesday 07 July 01:03pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic can i request a sooner induction than the normal 10days wait?

I think if your a private patient they will (thats what the doctor told me anyways) My DD1 was 9 pounds 7 and 5 days late! (i was only a size 8 before got pregnant with her, so massive for me lol)...

Saturday 04 July 12:17pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Vaginal thrush in toddler????

Hi there My DD1 is 2.5 and also completly toilet trained (even at night) and she is always itching down there! It gets so bad she ends up making herself bleed. I once went to the chemist to ask for...

Thursday 02 July 12:52pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Laughing

My DD is 4 mths old, and is laughing out aloud! But DD1 was about 5 or 6mths when she started! There all different.. he will be laughing his little head of in no time

Thursday 02 July 12:41pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic Expected Birth Weight

Hi there I was a size 8 before having DD1, no one predicted she was going to be 9 pounds 7. I had a scan at 32 weeks to check my placenta and i asked how much bub would weigh, they said normal 7 p...

Thursday 02 July 12:39pm

Nicky_01 replied to topic when did you stop doing the 10pm feed

Oh god do i feel your pain LOL (not funny tho) My DD2 who is now 4 mths old has slept the whole night through since 6 weeks (that was with a 10pm dream feed) I stopped the dream feed at 8 weeks (as...

Friday 26 June 07:58pm
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