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baby_barb1104 replied to topic My clever girl! (18 months)

This is soooo interesting to read, my dd is just over 19 months and from just a few months has been very inteligant... From the time she could crawl dd had followed me everywhere and by about 12 m...

Tuesday 30 December 09:47pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic 3 year olds and sudden defiance

Oh my god, lol, I am having the same thing but my dd is only 19 months old. What usually works for me is something i saw on tv, and that is to get down on their level so either bend down or kneel a...

Tuesday 30 December 09:23pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Young Mum

Hi there Karly, Me too am a new mum to a beautiful baby girl who has just turned 4 months. I am also partnered and he is a good dad but sometimes i wish he helped a lot more. I get so emotionally ...

Monday 27 August 07:23pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!

Hi there, hope these help.... Lara Leah Meaka (pronounced Me-ka) Kianne Skye or Kye Jade Jada (pronounced Jay-da) Ali/Ally Beth Lacy Nea (pronounced ne-ah) Good luck ......

Monday 27 August 07:03pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Tizzie Hall routines- absolute waste of time, anyone agree?

OMG, I totally agree... I am also sick of books, nurses and so called "experts" but in saying that, they arent all wrong. I learnt very early that my bub WONT do what I want and why should she. M...

Sunday 19 August 08:10pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Cradle cap

Hi there, I have the same problem but its under control now. My mum got a cotton ball and soaked it in baby oil and smuthered my daughters head with it, made sure it was really well soaked in. We l...

Sunday 19 August 07:35pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Anyone else so over reflux?

hi there, looks like u have all the answers u need here, but thought i would still add mine in. My dd is almost 4 months and also has reflux, i had tried the zantac and losec but had no luck, if an...

Sunday 19 August 07:27pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic is he hungry?

i agree with the post from KELLIEV. maybe if u purchase a set of the tommee tippee breast like bottles and express your milk for a couple of feeds, the tommee tippee bottles are awsome, as i had t...

Saturday 16 June 01:08pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic days and nights still mixed up!

Hi there, I have had exactly the same issue with my DD who is now 7 weeks old. All along i thought that DD had reflux as she was spitting up and vomiting all the time. After many tests and trips t...

Saturday 16 June 05:56am

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Should I try for a 'natural' Breech Birth

Hi there, I am a 24 yr old first time mum, and my mum had me naturally in the breech position. Mind u, my mum had 5 kids b4 me and i was definatly her last child at the age of 40. Back then, breec...

Saturday 16 June 05:31am

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Overdue and over it! Has anyone tried accupuncture

Hi there, I have now had my DD 7 weeks ago and i was 2-3 weeks overdue by my dates. I was in the hospital with premature labour at one stage and the midwife noticed my mum massaging my very swolle...

Saturday 16 June 05:01am

baby_barb1104 replied to topic sleep good during day / not much sleep at night

Hi there, I had similar trouble with just one feed. But i soon found that my DD of 7 weeks didnt want all of her bottle in one go. I usually feed her the burp her a few times in between, but i noti...

Friday 15 June 11:12pm

baby_barb1104 started new topic ROUTINES ? where is everyone finding this info ?

I was reading through some of these posts and i noticed that some mothers refere to "2 weeks old routines" or a specific time routine. I was just wondering where these times and routines are found ...

Friday 15 June 10:52pm

baby_barb1104 replied to topic Connor!

Hi there, I have a 7 week old baby girl. This idea is a bit way out but is logical if u think about. We know babies love our voices so maybe if u tape record yourself reading a childrens book and ...

Friday 15 June 08:53pm
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