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my bfs mum was surpised they still sell them cos it is easily tipped over and babies have injured them selfs but if you are gonna get one get a good one some has a thing they stops the child from mover the walker but they can still stand and move their feet.. im gonna get one for my bub when his old even i think its a good idea as long as you take precautions

My mum pierced my ears when i was 2 and i dont even remember it but i got my ear pierced again (i got 2 holes in each ear) when i was 14 and it KILLS it was so painful i was crying and screaming.. But i think you should get it done after 12 months just in case of infections and stuff

My aunty has a 9 months old and she still doesnt crawl all she can do is sit up by herself i dun even think she can roll.. Can your daughter sit up? maybe lots of tummy time would help.. my son is 3 months and he gets frustrated when i put him on his tummy but he seem to enjoy trying to stand up (with me supporting him off course). so I guess its just what they prefer more

Thanks i'll try the childrens hospital

THanks heaps guys.. I thought it was darling son and so ECHN is Early childhood Health Nurse right?

well i reckon if they dont know how to behave towards their grand child then maybe dont let them see them until the do..

Im reading the post and theres like DD DS CHN ECHN and all what do they all stand for? im so confused.. please help

Hi everyone.. Im not yet single but soon-to-be because i moved out since the 8th and it doesnt seem like its gonna work out.. im so sick of it i just want out and now i prob have to prepare all the paper to get full custody as he already threathen to get lawyers on me because his got "MONEY".. funny how now that i want to take my son away his suddenly has so much money to get lawyers.. His parents are total ass holes which doesnt kelp the relationship at all... it hurts but i know its the right thing to do..

Im 20 .. first time mum to 3 months old alex.. feel free to add me too,22049,21319392-5006009,00.html i don't know if the link works or not but if you go yahoo select au and search flat-headed helmet it should come up..