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The only problem is my partner doesnt have his licence and most construction work is past the city so atm he really dont have a choice but now his ok with dad again after all his done he still takes his side why are men so stupid? I'm afraid they would brainwash my son and turn him into some kind of freak my partners mum babies my partners brother which is 16 years old so much u wouldnt believe like i was shocked when i witness the things she do, she knees down on the floor to put his socks and shoes on while he sit there like a king i mean his 16 for god sakes and even though food is right in front of him he would touch what he wants with his fork and his mum would get it for him like if you can touch it with your fork why dont u just pick it up and eat it. and of course u would understand why i dont want my son anywhere near his grand father. Even when i stood up to his dad you know what my partner said to me?? I was the one that aggravated him he said that i should know better ...

tell me about it i wanna dye my hair but its just annoy cos i get dark hair and hate keep dying it. i was planning to get foils underneath cos even when it grows i dont have to keep doing it. it just sucks to have grey hair so young my mum reckon its cos i didnt get even sleep.

forgot to mention that i moved out cos his dad and i had a huge fight and he was trying to put me down saying to my partner that his putting himself down being with me which is totally bull**** because before i was in a good relationship, i had a great social life and i was working and studying when my partner was stil just hanging around the wrong ppl doin things he should and i changed his life around and now his putting himself down? he also said leave my son and just leave by myself. what a joke im going to leave me son and let him see his own grandfather abuse everyone thats going to be real good inflence. well anyways my partner is still living at home with his parents cos is so hard to find a rental these days and me and bubs is at my mums. His dad tries to call to apologies but i know its all bull anyways. I dont let him see DS anymore and since i left he hasnt seen him once and that was in march. and before you call me cruel he doesnt care about ds he would full screa...

I totally know what you mean Im the one thats always standing up for him when his own mother let his dad treat him like shit but at the end its like whatever something happens he still defends them and it really pisses me off and the fact that he says that he put me before his parent and even himself but he actions suggests otherwise. Like he works for his dad cos his dad has his own bricklaying ccompany and yet he pays my partner less the he pays his other workers and we have a son to support too and whenever we buy DS something he goes and be a smartass saying that Centrelinks pays for it. And yet he treat everyone like s*** my partner still does things for him when he asks him to. and that really aggravates me cos even though i've always been there for him and scarifies so much for him more then his own retarted parents ever did yet when it comes to doing anything for me he makes me wait like crazy. His dad still lives in the dark ages he thinks women should be treated like s**...

Personally i think it does for me. I mean like 80% of our arguement revolves around his parents or mine. And its really annoying because we have bubs and we are a FAMILY now and it bothers me that because i say something about his parent he has to do the same with mine always comparing. Im so sick of it. Sometimes i just want us to end because my partners dad is a real a**h*** and i moved out because of him, he dranks and starts trouble with everyone and im the only one thats not related so obviously i didnt put up with it and i ended up moving out and my partner knows his in the wrong but after a few weeks hes all nice to him but he'll always be his dad and that is so frustrating its like you do so much for your partner yet in the end it doesnt matter how bad their parent is to them they will always be their parent and you just donno where u stand. Does anyone have the same problem?

My DS is ten months now and I donno if its the sleepless night cos by bubs or stress or cos i got off the blackmore pregnancy vitamins but since after DS was born i started getting greys hairs i mean I'm only 20 isnt it abit too soon? like just in one months i got like another 2 and thats just the ones i can see in a mirror. Did this happened to anyone? Im so embarrassed by it especially cos im only 20. Does anyone know any good remedies?

I havent been eating much lately and two weeks i lost almost 4 kg but my BOOBS went smaller which is depressing and i still have a POT BELLY. I read on huggies that for some women no matter how hard they diet or execrise their pot belly would never go away. Im so freaked out. How do you lose weight without losing your boobs? or get rid of pot belly?

You know what? I totally know where you are coming from. But the thing is maybe if he did have you thing would have been different. He might just been saying all those things cos he had a bad day with his gf and then he thought of you. 2 years ago i was in a relationship and my ex started calling me everyday and then i went to see him once cos he was upset and he told me that he still have feelings for me and loves me and he only ever loved me blah blah blah you know how it goes. So i broke up with my then bf and decided to be with him because i didnt want to look back and then what would my life be if i was with him? well guess what? two years later we have a 8 months old son and im constantly agruing with him and hating my life and regret ever giving him another chance because all he does is hurt me and its so hard for me to leave him cos we have a son together. I rarely pass a day where i dont cry myself to sleep. So dont regret not being with him i know that feeling but if y...

Well there is one in fairfield showground that my bf's mum goes to she thinks they're good. I wanna go too things arent exact great at the moment

Hey meg im 20 years old and my bub is 8 months old and im from livo too. email me if you want i hardly go on msn. hope to hear from you soon