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I just found an article seems useful Some doctor do prescribe medicine: "Some doctors prefer a ‘wait and see’ approach while others choose to use medications. Blood thinners such as: aspirin, Lovenox (inj), Coumadin and Heparin (inj) are used in attempts to ‘bleed’ the clot out. Estrogen and Progesterone therapy is also sometimes used to aid in the development of the pregnancy" Article also says that statically pregnancy loss due to haematoma is 1-3%.thats a bit of relief

I went medicine free my last pregnancy not even panadol im just a paranoid person but i think throat lozengers have alcohol. Maybe try like natural remedys like honey lemon tea and things like that gargling warm salt water. Hope you feel better soon

well my when i was pregnant i thought i would have milk already given that my boobs was so painful and partner tried the pump lol but it wasnt later that the midwives told me that your breast only start producing milk within three days of giving birth. So im not sure what happened with u.

Well my last pregnancy i suffered from gestational diabetes and the dietian explained that when you burn fat toxic are produce which normally exits the body in urine but when your are pregnant the toxic would go to the baby which may cause damage to the brain. Thats why even though high blood sugar is bad for the baby not eating enough carbs during pregnancy is much worse. So i had to eat and then keep my body moving to keep my blood sugar normal otherwise i had to inject insulant which luckily wasnt necessary maybe do a glucose test to make sure you dont have low blood sugar level.

drinking too much plain water makes me want to throw up but adding a bit of flavour helps like a bit of cordial.

I hope everything goes well for you Anna looking after 2 kids must be tough on top of all things. I have a 20months lil boy and he drives me nuts. Im going to go for another u/s at 13weeks hopefully it gets better but im very stress and always in tears when i think of the worse. Im currently 10 weeks and alot of women dont bleed till later on around 12 weeks and most of them that had it bleed i mean if its spotting and its brown thats a good sign that the body is releasing the clot. Im trying to find maybe certain vitamins help heal blood clots i ask my doc and she said theres nth i can do. Did you come by anything useful on the net?

I had my routine 7 weeks u/s and cos im gp was busy i didnt go straight back to her but had a look at the u/s paper and it said there is subchorionic Haematoma is demostrated and measures about 35 x 12 x 12mm in dimension. So i start searching on the net for any info on that and not much luck with any info but came along quite few other women with it and apparently it is a blood clot and it is quite serious if it doesnt heal itself by 20 weeks or it gets bigger there is a high chance of miscarriage but some women do have it till birth but usually baby come out premature and by c section. Im very worry and when i went to the gp today she said there nothing i can do but to take it easy and did a blood test and said to see her next week. Does anyone know where i can get some info on it or anything i could do?

I was told that at least one of the two has to be catholic and the other can be like christian etc

I had a really tough time while i was pregnant and also thought of abortion but when went to get my ultrasound done and saw his heartbeat i could not get my self to get an abortion. I guess u have to think to yourself if you didnt have an abortion your life would be so different and you probably wouldnt have izack cos one thing changes everything and look at the positive things you have in your life and hold on to those things cos they are the most important things right now. I know having an abortion is always going to be at the back of your mind forever but be strong and dont let it ruin your happiness with izack. I know its easy said then done but try to look at the positive things. Even though i didnt have an abortion when i look at DS sometimes and im in tears and cant explain why as well. think its probably cos we love them so damn much that it makes u emotional.

Men that still live in the dark ages really need to wake up cos in our generation we have a new breed of women and most of us dont take s*** from men, they need to stop corrupting their son to treat their wives like crap just cos women in his generation takes it. Anyways karma would work its magic on him soon. I really envy people thats has really nice in laws that are understand and all. I find it so weird that men are scared to stand up to their parents.