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Deborah01 replied to topic funny stories

my two 1/2 year old was watching her baby sister eating her bib. She reached out and took the bib out of her mouth, turned her head to the side and said ' you silly bugger, don't eat your bib" my m...

Monday 04 August 07:07am

Deborah01 replied to topic weaning onto bottle

I would like help with weaning my 8 month old daughter. she is currently a nipple muncher and I am sure that a tooth will come thru soon. I am dreading each feed as she gets distracted so easily an...

Monday 04 August 07:02am

Deborah01 replied to topic tantrums in public!

my previously beautifully behaved 2 1/2 year old has turned into a nightmare when I take her out. She never wants to leave anywhere, even though I give warnings that we are going and try to be calm...

Monday 04 August 06:57am
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