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olivias mum

olivias mum replied to topic How much does it cost to get a cat put down?

Gee, so many posts for a cat!Interesting reading....where's Dr Harry when you need him , He could sort this out!I am an animal lover and hope you find a suitable solution for kitty and your family ...

Sunday 03 June 11:06am
olivias mum

olivias mum started new topic First time stay at home mum!!

Hi all, Have just found this site and enjoyed reading all about mums and mums to be, as it sometimes feels as though i am the only stay at home mum on the planet!My friends have older kids or none ...

Tuesday 29 May 12:31pm
olivias mum

olivias mum started new topic Baby in the bed

Hi, I am a first time mum to a 10 month old girl who didn't sleep from the moment i had her! used to wake every hour on the hour sometimes every half hour.Took her to doctor, paediatrician etc. Con...

Tuesday 29 May 11:47am
olivias mum
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