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sp1r1t_of_3 started new topic hello

Hi there everyone, I'm new at this site, which is fantastic. My name is Flora, I am married with 3 beautiful kids, Ryan 15, Benett 12, and Bella 8weeks. I look forward to loads of advise, ideas, ...

Friday 01 June 06:22pm

sp1r1t_of_3 started new topic good and bad of it

HI there, I have a new 8week girl and two boys, ages 15/12. With a new babe keeping me busy, I do tend to enjoy my eldest boys when they come home from school. We talk about anything and everyth...

Thursday 31 May 02:25pm

sp1r1t_of_3 started new topic at the other end of the stick

OMG.. I am empathetic to your situation of feeling like your invisable and all alone. I went through phases of lonelyness and heartache and questioning why? I'm a old but new mum. I'm 41 a...

Thursday 31 May 02:09pm
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