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hes not very co-operative is he? i would then just do what dee said and relist it on ebay.

i dont think its very safe to send cash in the mail, anyone could take it. what about direct deposit into ur bank acc, or he could mail u a bank cheque or money order? theyre the only 2 ways i can think of. good luck

oops [Edited on 22/09/2007]

most of the childrens hospitals have people you can speak to. i would give them a call and see what they say. hope he feels better soon

absolutely!!!!! you know, it doesnt get any better, DS1 is eight and still does! Arrrgh

alwaysawake you rock!!! i love kids, we have 5 at the moment but would love to add another little one. how do you manage the car thing? we have a 7seater at the moment but i suppose we would need a tarago if we had another one?

i just had a look on a website for you, and you can use light soy sauce as a substitute

toys r us now stock the whole range of dr browns bottles.

hi kellie anns mummy, i was freaked out also when i heard about it, but after alot of research i have decided to keep using it. if there was any safety issues the product would have been recalled. they are not saying it is not safe. there is an article on the food authority website you can read. hope this helps

my ds is on karicare gold, and we dont have any problems with constipation. some babies do better on some formulas than others. as with being taken off the shelves, im hoping that doesnt happen.