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It's really hard dealing with them. When I found out I was pregnant this baby I kept checking and expecting to see blood everytime I went to the toilet. I saw my obstetrician very early on and felt in good hands. Luckily for me, she has a little ultrasound machine so every month she would have a look and I would see baby's strong heartbeat. So each month I would have that reassurance. She also sent me for scans at 7 weeks, 12 weeks, 19 weeks and 30 weeks. These have all been reassuring for me. I had a thyroid problem, so she was very quick to send me off to an endocrinologist - so I've been monitered closely with blood tests as well. All these checkups have helped me psychologically with dealing with my fears. I would also set little milestones - At first they were weekly milestones and then my major milestone was at 13 weeks (when it was discovered that I had a missed miscarriage with my 2nd baby). Once I got passed 13 weeks, I relaxed a bit more. Then it got easier to deal with...

Making hospital towels dirty were the least of my concern with DS! I had a csection and the midwife had to help me shower for my first one and I bled all over the bathroom floor. Awkward yep! This is why I don't like sharing a bathroom! With DS1 I only had to share a room with 1 other person but felt yuck seeing a little bit of her blood on the bathroom floor. This time around, I'm going private and hope to get a room on my own. I NEED my own bathroom!!

I remember reading on here some time ago that someone bought those Tena incontinence pants to use. She thought they were fantastic! So..... I've bought some too. Probably a bit weird to wear them but if it works, I'm going to use them

WOW, to think that I was really embarrassed to even put up this question, I'm amazed at the amount views and responses! Thanks for all your comments, and great tips/suggestions/experiences - now it's a non-issue for me. And hopefully it will help other people too

Thanks ladies - feeling much better now! Yeah, with DS1 I did the same thing by wiping with toilet paper as best i could before drying myself. Don't feel self conscious now. Thanks also Cruxy for your nursing insight. Really appreciate it.

Ok, with DS1 I was so self-conscious and tried not to get blood on the white hospital towels after showering. Will be expecting another baby in April and was just wondering what others do about using towels after showering. Is it just me feeling weird about it? what do you do? I'm bit embarrassed by it. What's the etiquette? Thanks

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I've only heard my baby's heartbeat when having my 19 week and 30 week ultrasounds. My OB tried with her doppler at each visit but couldn't pick up the heartbeat (only my heartbeat!). Luckily she has a little ultrasound machine which you can see the heartbeat and says what the heartrate is. It turned out that her doppler was broken and she hasn't got it back yet.

Yes, I do Mine is KIWI Kids Scuff self shining polish. Mine came out no problems at all. Just shook the bottle and gently squeezed and pushed down on the shoe. Worked perfectly. Perhaps you have a faulty one.

Hi, I'm sorry I can't help you with experience regarding enlarged kidneys of the baby during pregnancy but I can share some experience of what happened with my very young baby who had enlarged kidneys. When I was pregnant with DS, nothing was picked up in my ultrasounds about him having enlarged kidneys, so I think his problem came after he was born?? Anyway, when he was about 4 weeks old, he was diagnosed with a UTI which is very uncommon in boys. He was a very unsettled baby (understandably). Anyway, he was treated with antibiotics and had to have further investigation into his kidneys. Firstly he had a Renal Ultrasound, which they discovered that he didn't have kidney reflux but he had a dilated kidney (hydronphrosis). He was then sent for a MCU (He coped fine with it). That test revealed no blockages so then he was referred for a MAG 3 scan

My DS is 5. Lego (you can pick up some smaller packs for quite reasonable prices) Books Cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels, or Cars movie cars) plus anything car related. Dinosaurs Toy bugs, slugs, snakes, crocodiles etc Bug catcher (Toys R Us) have stuff like this too. Puzzles DVDs Movie tickets Games - like Hungry Hippo for example Sporty stuff - footy, toy golf clubs, tee ball set, cricket bat and ball, frisbees Hope that helps