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Hi, I am so very sorry for your losses. I have a 6 year old and a 10 month old baby. In between my two children I had 1 missed miscarriage at 13 weeks and 2 very early miscarriages (i only knew I was pregnant with those two because of the First Response Pregnancy tests). I think my problem was that I had a thyroid problem. I had what is known as hypothyroidism during pregnancy. It's the only time I have hypothyroidism. All it took was a blood test and a very good obstetrician who then referred me on to an endocrinologist. I was given thyroid medication and also told to take cartia (aspirin). Don't take aspirin unless advised by your doctor - but for me that is what I needed. I then went on to have my baby. So this may not be the reason for your losses but it's definitely worth investigating your thryoid levels. I think all pregnant women should have this test as routine. Best wishes.

Yes, I've noticed that they are ripping easily too. I bought a big bag of them too. Find it really annoying! I'm going back to using the Aldi wipes - much happier with those.

I don't know about Babybeau but for last Christmas, my Mum bought me a Vanchi bag. I LOVE it and I'll still use it once I no longer need it as a 'nappy bag'. Very stylish.

Tutu&Lulu wrote: I know what you mean BLW is a bit scary but I did it with DD2 and while i hovered like a maniac ready to pull her out of her chair and get what ever it was out of her mouth she never once choked on food. A few times she gagged but that is really just them testing their limits and seeing what they can and can't do. Fair enough if you don't want to give it another shot but it really is great. We didn't do banana for ages because its quite sticky and a texture that you can't just swallow easily. What i used to do was steam sweet potato to the point where it was almost falling apart and put it on DD's tray for the first few weeks she just squished it in and played with it but eventually she started to squish it up and put some in her mouth. There was no risk of choking it was as mashed up as if i was spoon feeding her but she was doing it herself no pressure to eat anything and she was enjoying it throughly. then we progressed to pumpkin zucchini really really soft carr...

HappyHead wrote: Hi I have two kids, one would eat anything and everything, the other super fussy SO dont expect the worst, especially at only 7 months. Its all hit and miss at this point, what they like one day they wont the next. Just keep offering different things and possibly introduce as finger food rather than mashed or pureed. Zuchinni is particularly bitter so not suprised he didnt like it smile Beans and broccoli are pretty bland. I never pureed meat, just seemed wrong. Have you tried a baby bolognaise? I made one using premium beef mince, really finely diced onion, a touch of garlic - sautee those in a dab of butter and break up the mince as you go with a spatula so it is a fairly fine but lumpy consistency and then add a tin of tomato puree and simmer a while. You can then mix with cooked risoni pasta and put on a little grated cheese. With the chicken, try offering pieces of tender roast chicken. A vegie omelette... finely diced onion, sautee along with grated ...

Tutu&Lulu wrote: I would suggest stopping any fruits or yoghurt etc and only offering vegies. A lot of the time bubs will stop eating veg once fruit is introduced because it is so much sweeter so they don't like savoury bland food anymore. I'd probably give chunks of food a go and try with baby led weaning. Yeah, I think that's exactly what's happened. Do you think if I stop the fruit and yoghurt he will eventually take to it??? I really hope so! See prev reply about my baby led weaning attempt. I'm too much of a stresshead for it. Thanks for replying I might try what you suggested about stopping the fruit for a bit.

Thanks Tickled*pink. I did try that but it's not for me!! I'm anxious enough as it is LOL - I'm afraid of him choking. I did try some steamed broccoli - he gave it a go but didn't really eat any of it (mouthed it a bit) but he ended up throwing it on the floor. I tried some whole banana - which he liked holding and putting in his mouth - he bit a big chunk. My heart went through my mouth. I held my breath as he sat there staring at me - not chewing. Eventually I think he tried to swallow it but he coughed it out and I threw it away. Was too stressful lol. Thanks for the advice though.

I know it's early days but am hoping to try and nip this problem I'm having in the bud if possible asap. Bit of background. I have a 6 year old boy who from day 1 would not eat vegies. I did everything - pureed, mashed, tomato sauce, honey, roasting, steaming, hiding, - you name it - we tried it. And.... to this day, he still doesn't eat vegies. I don't try anymore. He's always offered it on his plate in some form but it's never eaten. Now I have a 7 month old baby boy. I was in heaven at first because he LOVED pumpkin, carrot, & sweet potato. I then tried him on green beans, peas, broccoli and Zucchini - which he hated. When it got in his mouth he gagged and stuck out his tongue until it all came out - then sealed up those lips. Now... he won't even eat his pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato or potato. Except - frozen pumpkin in a net!!! I get one or two spoons in and that's it. I've also tried pureed chicken - nope to that too. He loves his rice cereal and fruit and yoghurt. Wha...

Hi Chalys, My DS is 6 1/2 months and he's been eating Rafferty's Garden Organic Baby Rice (suitable from 4 months). When he finished that packet, I gave him the Rafferty's Organic Baby's banana porridge(suitable from 6 months). That's when he became constipated. The poor little fella went from mushy breastfed poos to painful pebbles. His sobbing broke my heart. I didn't realise that the banana porridge was made from 95%Whole oat flour. I think that's what the problem was. I assumed it was banana flavoured rice cereal. I went back to the rice cereal and he is fine now.

Thanks to all of you for your advice. Dani +1, i liked your speal (sp?) and I may just have to use it. I may be able to put up with it at the moment (just) but yeah, I think we might need to have a conversation. I hate conflict and not really great with words... but as DS gets mobile, I really don't feel comfortable with him being around the dogs. If the dogs were frequently around babies and children, i'd relax a little and let some supervised interaction happen (when he's an older bub) - but they aren't. Just around adults - so whilst they may be 'friendly' dogs, I don't think I can trust dogs. Especially as babies/children squeal, pull and tug and the dog might not like it. I do appreciate each of your responses - Thank you.