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KellieV replied to topic How to wean from wrapping

My DD loved being wrapped. We went cold turkey at 6 months - forced to by the hot weather really! I had to get my Mum to make her some large wraps because the shop bought ones were too small as she...

Sunday 25 May 08:44pm

KellieV replied to topic 6 month olds and eating and drinking

I think you just need to let your bub guide you. Mine refused to be spoon fed at 8 months (Miss Independent) so I've just had to switch to finger foods for every meal. It's challenging as things li...

Wednesday 23 April 09:42am

KellieV replied to topic OK I love these girls names but what about you?????

We have a little girl in our Mother's Group called Lacey. It's a bit of a mixture of Laken and Mystery! I've never known anyone else called Lacey and I think it's such a beautiful, feminine name. A...

Wednesday 23 April 09:34am

KellieV replied to topic angelcare monitors

Hi Nicki I have an Angelcare monitor that has only one sensor pad and I can confirm that once your baby becomes mobile the alarm will sound if they move to the end or over to the side of the cot. ...

Thursday 03 April 03:36pm

KellieV replied to topic alcoholic father.

Meags, I really hope the last few days have improved for you. It seems sometimes history repeats itself even when those involved don't want it to. My advice is try talking to him when he's sober. A...

Wednesday 02 April 12:06pm

KellieV replied to topic what breast pads to use?

Bit of a tricky one coz I guess it's what you feel most comfortable with. I found the Pigeon Ultra Thin breast pads the best for me. I think the Avent washable pads are only good if you don't leak ...

Wednesday 19 March 03:43pm

KellieV replied to topic Post birth belly

My tummy disappeared straight away too. I was rapt! I had to wear tracky pants & comfy things for a while because I'd had an emergency caesar but fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans etc once I was no l...

Tuesday 12 February 10:16pm

KellieV replied to topic Changing from breast to bottle! Help!

Will he not take the bottle at all? If you can get him to start taking expressed breast milk from the bottle again then a way to get him to take formula is to mix it half formula half EBM or whatev...

Wednesday 23 January 10:13pm

KellieV replied to topic Baby Monitor-which one to buy?

I've got the Angelcare monitor too. It is fantastic - probably one of my best buys. As well as normal sound function it also has a sensor pad which you place under the cot matress and will alarm if...

Wednesday 23 January 09:58pm

KellieV started new topic Would you want advice?

Hi Everyone I was in a baby shop today with my 7 month old and noticed a girl testing out an enormous heavy looking pram, with wheels that didn't swivel. It was huge, looked heavy to put in the ca...

Sunday 06 January 03:55pm

KellieV replied to topic HUGGIES BABY WIPES??

Constant use of Huggies Wipes (even the sensitive blue ones) leaves my DD with a rash (even at 7 months). I have always used cotton wool balls & water to freshen her up after a wee & just use wipes...

Sunday 06 January 03:47pm

KellieV replied to topic help!

Shell, I use Infacol. You can buy it at Woollies when you do your grocery shopping. Rather than give it to bub I have always added it to her bottle. What it does it bring all the little tiny bubble...

Sunday 06 January 11:12am

KellieV replied to topic Whats your routine?

Absolutely not! If someone isn't going through what you are then that is strange. I wish someone had told me this when I was in your position ... but it DOES get better. The first 6 weeks for me w...

Sunday 30 December 10:01pm

KellieV replied to topic exercise after birth

Hi Kyles14 Try contacting the hospital where your baby was born. I know the hospital I had DD at ran plenty of post-natal fitness classes where you can take bub along and learn excercises you can ...

Thursday 06 December 09:45pm

KellieV replied to topic Dummies or NO Dummies

Hi Melibbo 1. For me it's been a godsend. I am the same as many others in that my DD only has her dummy for sleep & I think this is a pretty good rule to enforce early on. It is now a sleep associ...

Friday 26 October 04:25pm

KellieV replied to topic HELP ME PLZ

* [Edited on 05/10/2007]

Saturday 06 October 08:31am

KellieV replied to topic HELP ME PLZ

I've worked out from your signature that bub is 7 weeks or so. I had the same problem but it was just a matter of working out what she needed. At this age controlled crying is not recommended as at...

Saturday 06 October 08:30am

KellieV replied to topic Allergies and formula

I would check with your GP if you're worried. When I decided to switch my DD to formula I asked her GP about trying the goats milk or soy formulas and he advised me to stick to the standard cows mi...

Saturday 06 October 08:19am

KellieV started new topic When do they get naughty?

My 4 month old suddenly wants to be carried around everywhere. She will cry if you sit with her or put her down to play but is happy if you put her over your shoulder and carry her around or take h...

Sunday 30 September 08:19pm

KellieV replied to topic so you think you can dance?

Can't say this show effects me but I certainly do belt out a few tunes in the shower after Australian Idol has been on!

Friday 28 September 04:09pm
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