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TinaBNE replied to topic Please vote, very simple

this comp is still open to vote, so please do. i return all favours! thanks.

Thursday 02 February 09:07pm

TinaBNE replied to topic travel insurance for holiday whilst pregnant?

Being already pregnant is considered a 'pre-existing medical condition'.. So you'd have to make sure you are specifically covered for that...

Tuesday 17 January 12:19am

TinaBNE started new topic Please vote, very simple

Please vote for my daughter, just click link and click vote below photo.. I think you can vote twice. We would really appreciate it and return the favor.

Tuesday 17 January 12:13am

TinaBNE replied to topic what to wear during labour??

Naked. I was going in-between the bath and shower. My husband was there, our (male) midwife and student midwife. I really didn't care lol.. All u think about isnthe baby coming!

Friday 07 October 01:42am

TinaBNE replied to topic What is the oddest thing you have eaten/drunk?

I haven't eaten anything extraordinarily weird... When i was living California I tried lots of Mexican dishes - cactus salsa was something that I really liked

Thursday 15 September 06:22pm

TinaBNE replied to topic My Baby Girl

Thanks all! The first few days were somewhat hard, especially since my milk hadn't come in! I almost had a breakdown Saturday night because she was sucking and sucking and really not getting anyth...

Thursday 15 September 06:14pm

TinaBNE replied to topic Did anyone tell you?

I had a range of responses from people.. some say it was the worst thing they ever had to endure and others who said it was like going to the toilet lol.. I basically told myself I would be close t...

Thursday 15 September 06:05pm

TinaBNE replied to topic two vessel umbilical cord

Hey.. I don't know that much about this but I've come across it (I teach 1st year midwifery/nursery students at university.. as it's only first year we don't really go in depth into anything yet)....

Wednesday 14 September 10:53pm

TinaBNE replied to topic How many ppl have fallen pregnant in 1st mth of TTC

It took us 3 months both pregnancies (1st was a m/c)

Tuesday 13 September 10:19am

TinaBNE started new topic My Baby Girl

Hi all! So on Thursday I posted a thread saying I thought I was in pre-labour.. turns out I sure was! By 9pm that night my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart so we called our midwife and headed ...

Tuesday 13 September 10:05am

TinaBNE replied to topic Do you call your MIL mum?

I call my MIL 'Mama B' but when we found out we were pregnant I've called her 'Grandma B'.

Tuesday 13 September 09:59am

TinaBNE started new topic I'm in Pre-Labour!!

Arghhh! A little bit scared, a lot excited... sitting here having contractions. I am due Sept 17 but am being induced on Monday as per doctor's recommendations. I had a S&S yesterday at home and m...

Thursday 08 September 09:53pm

TinaBNE replied to topic DP needs to grow up

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I don't think you are being to controlling or anything... smoking and excessive drinking is such a hate of mine. I lost one grandfather to each - I didn't get...

Thursday 08 September 05:19pm

TinaBNE replied to topic I had to take my rings off :-(

yep. mine have been off for awhile now.. can't remember the exact point though.

Wednesday 07 September 01:14am

TinaBNE replied to topic Samples of Twinings Infusions Tea

Sign up to become an "Official Slurper" you will need a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Flickr account. They will email you a voucher for a FREE SUPER SLURPEE "Now that ...

Wednesday 07 September 01:07am

TinaBNE replied to topic Still loving Evie...

i don't think it sounds odd at all with your surname

Tuesday 06 September 09:10pm

TinaBNE replied to topic Fundal Height

hey, I had/am having the exact same thing happen to me.. measured perfectly up until about 32 weeks... 32 weeks, measured 28cm... had a scan, baby had completely average measures, and i had a norm...

Tuesday 06 September 09:06pm

TinaBNE replied to topic What would you do?

I don't think theres anything wrong with letting your daughter miss out while your other gets treated provided you explain it to her. I remember a time when I was being a real brat and the next ni...

Tuesday 06 September 08:17pm

TinaBNE replied to topic We would really love your support and votes please

Voted twice Please could you vote for my mum... theres only a couple of days left to vote. Click the link and click LIKE. Thanks.

Monday 05 September 04:50pm

TinaBNE replied to topic OMG!!! IM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!!!

Thanks for the sympathy ladies :'( I feel so shytty!!! I can't believe someone would do this to my family. I know we weren't personally targeted but you can't help but take it personally! I can't ...

Saturday 27 August 03:36pm
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