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Tancy replied to topic Another BF, FF post!!

I exclusively BF my both daughter to 8 month, than FF after wards. My youngest son was FF for the first 5 days in his life (my milk came very late this time), but then BF with bottle top up, Fully ...

Thursday 08 December 10:14am

Tancy replied to topic Which formula is best?

With all our three babies, after 8 months breast feeding, they were allo n Karecare gold, which I think it the best of all, we had no problem with poo poos, winds or anything. The only thing was wi...

Thursday 08 December 10:00am

Tancy replied to topic 3 year old weight

DD is just over 3, weight 14kg and 98cm tall. I always worried that she is under weight, but lately she keep saying she is hungry all day long, so i guess she is going through a growth spurt.

Sunday 30 January 10:29am

Tancy replied to topic Travelling Overseas

Hi, we traveled overseas when DD1 was 4 month old, and again when DD1 was 25 months and DD2 was 5 month old. Both trips was good and are long 13 hours one way. when they little they will just sleep...

Thursday 13 January 06:52am

Tancy replied to topic How much is too much?

Both of my DD started solid at 5 month old. As long as you give your baby milk feed before solid (about an hour before) you can feed your baby until they turn they head away - this is based on your...

Thursday 13 January 06:28am

Tancy replied to topic Bedtime sleep patterns changing

Hi, I don't know how many sleeps your DS have during the day, normally at 6 months they still have one in the morning and a nao in the afternoon. And also according to the "save our sleep" book i h...

Thursday 13 January 06:20am

Tancy replied to topic Infrequent bowel movements

The longest we had with our DD2 was the whole 23 days at 4 month old (by the time the poo came, she is almost 5 month old), I know this proberly quite extrem and I was really worried, but all Dr I'...

Tuesday 28 December 11:37pm

Tancy replied to topic Mummy and Daddy would like room back if possible...

A great book called 'save our sleep' saved me in real life. It has suggested after she is settled when you sit next to her for few days, you will have too move maybe 2 feets further from her bed le...

Tuesday 28 December 10:11am

Tancy replied to topic SUPER bad nappy rash since 1st teeth arrived?? HELP PLZ

Hi, i don't know if you have found a right sloution yet, but Dactozin cream work very well for us, and also make sure everytime when you clean little one's bum only use warm water then padded dry. ...

Tuesday 28 December 09:59am

Tancy replied to topic Pillows for toddlers

We also have a really thin toddler pillow that DD been using it since she was 20M old, she is 3 now and still use the same one. She also has a pillow book, which she normally read it before go to b...

Tuesday 28 December 09:47am

Tancy replied to topic Starting Again

Hi Jo, I could not stop crying after I read your story.My heart is still aching and I found it is so hard just to even type this message. My DD who loves butterfly was born on 17 DEC 2007, and I c...

Tuesday 30 November 08:48am

Tancy replied to topic Family Day Care vs Centre Based care

It is really a personal choice. My both DDs are in FDC at moment and both of them and I are finding it great. My career id great, she does all sorts training with council FDC program and she dose a...

Tuesday 30 November 07:58am

Tancy replied to topic If you have had or are having twins......

It is amazing how you ladies do it, manage put on so little weight and having a healthy baby the same time. My pre-prgnacy weight was 50kg with my first, than end up 72Kg the day i give birth, DD ...

Thursday 14 October 09:30am

Tancy replied to topic Has this happened with anyone else??

It would be too much Iron in them. But since I started taking my Elevit with honey&Fibre(bene fibre)water in the morning, the sympton stopped. This is my third pregnacy now, and I am doing the same...

Thursday 14 October 09:20am

Tancy replied to topic Who's had problems when.....

I had problem with both of my first two, espcially the fist one. I was quite skiny provid 170cm tall with 50kg weight before I fell pregnant. Then I reched 73kg the day before I give birth, and mos...

Thursday 14 October 09:04am

Tancy replied to topic 6 weeks pregnant and showing???

My second pregnacy showed very early, maybe about 6/7 weeks. but now I am pregant with our third, more than 6 weeks now, and did not show much at all, still comfortablly fit into my size 8/10, don'...

Thursday 14 October 08:58am

Tancy replied to topic is it to late to start taking folate tablets

no, it is not too late. I've been told that week5 to week8 are the most crucial time for baby's nerve, spinal and brain forming and that's why we should take folic tablet for the first 3 month. bot...

Thursday 14 October 08:45am

Tancy replied to topic Just found out!!!

My girls are 20 month apart, and I found it quite ok. Of course i have bad days that I will just had to get my husbandto take care of them. but now my younger one is 14 month and they alread play t...

Thursday 14 October 08:00am

Tancy replied to topic diagnosed with asthma at 39 weeks

I had severe shortness of breath with my first when i was 38 weeks, had to end up using double strength Rhinocort prescribed from my Dr, otherwise i just cannot breath. Rhniocort helped a lot, and ...

Wednesday 13 October 08:31am

Tancy started new topic Early pregnancy and cosistainly cramp like pain

Hi everyone, I am 6 weeks pregnant, keep having period pain. only a bit internal bleeding found out from U/S. but the pain can get serious that woke me up in the middle of the night. Just want to s...

Tuesday 12 October 08:39am
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