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*shaz* replied to topic Perth Mums

Hi, thanks for the reply! My DS is finally starting to sleep a little better, he is slowly lasting 3 to 4 hours for a feed instead of every 2 hours! I don't think I could have handled anymore sleep...

Saturday 02 June 07:40pm

*shaz* replied to topic Anyone Been to Mercy or used Dr Gannon?

Hi I had my DD at Mercy hospital and absolutely loved it! They were so kind and supportive, always their when you need them. Epidural was offered before I even experienced labour LOL as was induce...

Monday 28 May 09:58pm

*shaz* replied to topic hi

Hi, you must have your hands full! How old are your boys? I am 21, have a DD who is almost 3 and a DS who is 13 weeks, oh and I am in Perth.

Monday 28 May 09:44pm

*shaz* started new topic Perth Mums

Hi my name's Sheree. I'm 21, I have an almost 3 year old DD and a 13 week old DS. I love this sight, it is great to read everyone's post. Would love to chat to some Perth mums in particular! I am c...

Monday 28 May 09:41pm

*shaz* replied to topic mum in melb :)

Hi everyone, My name is Sheree. I am 21, I have a DD Chanelle who is turning 3 in June and a DS who is 13 weeks old today! I only found this forum a week ago, it is just so helpful! I would love t...

Monday 28 May 09:33pm

*shaz* replied to topic Please help me.

Hi jasdee, I was diagnosed with PND about 8 days ago and started on Xydep... I can't say they are working yet but I am going to give them 2 to 4 weeks like I was told. I can understand how you mus...

Saturday 26 May 02:21pm

*shaz* replied to topic Meds and breastfeeding

Hi, I have just been prescribed Xydep, which is supposed to be relatively safe. But you are right there is no drug company that could guarantee 100% their product is safe. Also people are prescrib...

Thursday 24 May 06:26pm

*shaz* replied to topic Only young but feel very old

Thanks so much mele. I know I am not alone on this its just so comforting to know I am not going totally crazy! It is so hard to understand how I can feel okay and confident for a few days, and anx...

Wednesday 23 May 04:48pm

*shaz* replied to topic Only young but feel very old

Hi, I am 22 and have a 3 yr old little girl and a 12 wk old baby boy. I know how you feel! I have been told so many times I am a great mum but honestly I feel like I am NEVER good enough. It only ...

Wednesday 23 May 01:52pm

*shaz* replied to topic Could it be?

Hi Ebony, You can absolutely develop PND with a 16 month old! In fact, I think you can have it and not realise for a long time until it gets so bad! It is so easy to think you feel like this becau...

Wednesday 23 May 01:43pm
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