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Tashi79 started new topic Why is she waking up?

Hi mums, I have an amazing 6 month old who has just decieded that it is ok to wake up 4-6 times between 11pm and 6am. I am going cray with no sleep. She sleeps really well duirng the day, sometim...

Saturday 14 February 07:10pm

Tashi79 replied to topic Hubby goes back to work on Wednesday

When my hubby went back to work after our second daughter (and I had had a c section with both of them), I was very scared at the prospect of being at home alone with a new born and 2 year old! My ...

Sunday 09 November 06:48pm

Tashi79 replied to topic Overnight Nappy Changing Protocol

When I first brought both of my daughters home, and when they were first waking during the night I always changed their nappy (I am a nappy rash fearer). I give my 13 week daughter one boob, then a...

Sunday 09 November 06:43pm

Tashi79 replied to topic need some good stories

I have had two pregnancies and now have two amazing little girls. Stay positive, healthy and relax, and i'm sure you will meet your amazing baby in 8 months!! Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy- i...

Sunday 09 November 06:35pm

Tashi79 replied to topic Is second baby bigger?

I have just had DD2 5 weeks ago. I felt I was 30 wks when I was only 12!!! I felt huge and I just got bigger. But both daughters were nearly exactly the same size. DD1 8lb 12oz 51 cm long 37cm HC a...

Friday 12 September 09:03am

Tashi79 replied to topic requests during c-section

Hi, I am just about to have my second CS next week and after talking to my OB, she said to make any requests to the midewife before I go in. I had a great 1st CS, but this time I want to have ski...

Saturday 02 August 09:02am

Tashi79 replied to topic Finding out sex of bubs

We had a suprise with DD1, and this time around we have been sooooo tempted to find out. Why... I supose as to what colour clothes etc to buy, do we keep all of bella's clothes for bub 2, being abl...

Friday 18 July 09:38am

Tashi79 started new topic Wanted VBAC & think I'm having a c-section

Hi all, I am 36 weeks pregnant with bub 2, and Bub 1 was a cs due to high head and high bp, and i was wondering if there was anyone else who thought about giving a VBAC a try and ended up with a ...

Wednesday 16 July 09:19am

Tashi79 replied to topic 27month old won't stay in bed

Hi Zacks Mum, I posted this a few weeks ago and this is what wored for us. I am now at the stage of just reading to Bella, tucking her into bed, saying good night and leaving the room. I have b...

Sunday 06 July 08:52am

Tashi79 started new topic Getting into a big bed- what worked for us

Hi all, I have been having so many sleepless nights in the past 6 weeks due to Bella (21mths) not wanting to stay in her single bed without screaming the house down, crying for hours or needing d...

Monday 23 June 09:05am

Tashi79 replied to topic Some opinions please?!

We are in exactly the same position and I must admit that I am very quickly running out of patience- and becomming very overtired! I am 32 weeks pregnant and wanting this to be sorted before the bu...

Wednesday 18 June 11:46am

Tashi79 replied to topic So I'm being critised because.............

All I can say is congratulations on having 2 VB's. My DD was a c-section not by choice and I am hoping for a VBAC this time round. Isn't the only thing that matters is that mum and bub are health...

Tuesday 17 June 07:48am

Tashi79 replied to topic PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE

Hi, I'm also in my second pregnancy and finding lots of new aches and pains. My first was a c-section, and I am hoping for a VBAC this time around. I have no idea what to expect as far as pain a...

Tuesday 17 June 07:45am

Tashi79 started new topic Sleeping on floor

Hi all, I am in the midst of getting my DD to sleep in her bed, and have discovered that when she stops screaming and actually goes to sleep, in is because she has collasped behind her door, and ...

Saturday 14 June 04:18pm

Tashi79 started new topic When did your bub engage?

Hi ladies, I am pregnant with bub 2 and was wondering when you can expect the baby to engage? Bella was a C-section due to high BP with me and not anywhere close to enagaging at 39 weeks? I have ...

Friday 06 June 09:56am

Tashi79 replied to topic Toddler Unsettled Sleeping, Don't know what else to do!

it must be the age as we are in the same situation and in all honesty it is driving me crazy, and the darling angel that I used to have at bedtime has her halo down around her ankles! Next week (w...

Friday 06 June 09:50am

Tashi79 started new topic Moving from cot to a big bed

Hi everyone, I am in a sticky situation and feel like I am loosing my mind. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and have decieded to try and move our 20month old daughter into a single bed before th...

Friday 30 May 05:05pm

Tashi79 replied to topic Baby's Heartbeat - Old Wives Tales

I have also heard this tale. When I was pregnant with DD our midwife did say that higher rates are usually girls...and lower ones boys. This baby has a heart rate at 143 (at 28weeks), so it will be...

Saturday 17 May 09:04am

Tashi79 replied to topic Dad's visiting hours at the hospital

We had the most amazing experience at our hospital. DH stayed with me the entire time I was there and the only condition was that he wore PJ's to bed! (the midwives didn't particularly want to see ...

Sunday 20 April 09:03am

Tashi79 replied to topic HELP!!! No.2 on the way soon.

Mummaof2 you are full of great tips. We are expecting bubs 2 in August, and dd turns 2 in September, and we (I) have been wodering how to tackle this potential problem. We will be keeping your idea...

Friday 18 April 10:45am
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