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HappyAli replied to topic baby shower, 3rd pregnancy

Hi Cant offer personal experience but a friend from high school had 2 sons then expecting 3rd child (a little girl) her family organised a girly pink baby shower for her. Do what makes you comforta...

Thursday 01 December 08:07am

HappyAli replied to topic Fourth boys name

Congratulations on an extra member to your football team. My Brother & Sister in law have 5 boys all names ending with the letter n. They have 5 boys and their Aiden is #3 and Benjamin #4 and Ryan...

Thursday 12 May 07:23am

HappyAli replied to topic Breasts after Breastfeeding?

Well done to be feeding twins for 9 months. Big pat on the back. Mine were a B cup and now a little smaller and saggier than they were BC (Before Children). My frineds classic explanation is footb...

Saturday 09 April 07:14am

HappyAli replied to topic What was the funny things that you done while in labour?

Too funny ladies. I needed a good laugh. Thank you. I was walking the hospital to further bring on labour and the lady in the room next to me was having a drug free birth. It sounded so painful th...

Saturday 09 April 07:08am

HappyAli replied to topic Chocoholics Annonymous.

Hi I'm Alison and also a Chocoholic. I have eaten my fair share of chocolate today. Dont really want to add it up. It may be sacry. Plus i saw a great recipe for easter where you put chocolate mous...

Tuesday 05 April 07:06am

HappyAli replied to topic csection scar

I had 2 bubs by c sec & my scar is ok. But my SIL has had 5 bubs by c sec and she had infections twice shortly after #3 & #4. She said it was painful and red. She also had a fever & felt weary. If ...

Monday 07 March 08:53am

HappyAli replied to topic Food, what did you eat before your cesarean?

Eat anything you want to make yourself feel great & happy and something you dont have to cook is even better. I went into hospital night before bub was booked. C-sec was booked for first thing bari...

Saturday 05 March 12:27am

HappyAli replied to topic 34Weeks And Babys slowing down in growth

Wishing you luck & patience. I didn't have a glowing perganancy & both times i was measuring small. Small can be good too!! I had scans every one to two weeks from 36 weeks depending on growth. DD...

Friday 04 March 09:08am

HappyAli replied to topic Easter egg moulds

I bought me big egg moulds years ago at spolight / lindcraft type shops. I saw a small / inch size egg moulds at Big W today. They are a silicone style mould and would be a great small treat size e...

Friday 04 March 08:47am

HappyAli replied to topic Huggies barcode promotion

Thank you heaps for the heads up. I have always collected the nappy barcodes even if no comp is on. i would be happy to share some extras. Does anyone have extra wipes barcodes as i dont have any ...

Friday 04 March 08:42am

HappyAli replied to topic What tv ads do you like and hate??

DS loves the coles ads and has started to go "down, down" and point in the right direction too. I hate the ford 010 ads as im pretty sure the years are 07, 08,09 but there is no 010 just 2010 etc...

Wednesday 09 February 07:46am

HappyAli replied to topic Good ideas for hospital bag

Pack a snack selection (lollies, treats, chocolates) to keep in a drawer when big brother or sister comes to visit as well as a little colouring book with pencil or story book if first child isnt r...

Friday 21 January 09:10am

HappyAli replied to topic Growls baby

My DS was growling at about 5 months and he was practising noises and sounds particularly different levels of growling. He was still growling and has finally picked up some strong words at 19 month...

Tuesday 28 December 08:55am

HappyAli replied to topic anything open christmas day

I think most service stations are open on Christmas day. No shops or stores are open on Christmas day. Very limited fast food restaurants but they dont have microwaves for bub, but do have a bathro...

Thursday 23 December 08:02am

HappyAli replied to topic Wonkey donkey

Its a brilliant book & Cd. Great tune and it is definately a good drinking song. my friend brought it to camping last easter and we were all humming it on the walk to the toilets & back. Plus we ha...

Friday 17 December 07:52am

HappyAli replied to topic Does your child have a favourite?

DD has always loved Green and she changes her mind with flavours but always has a chocolate milkshakes. Green girls are hard to buy for but when you see a pretty green coloured top or outfit grab ...

Friday 17 December 07:44am

HappyAli replied to topic My 18 month old bangs his head on the ground

Hope your little man gets better with his tantrums soon. Clinic nurse told us to let our DS (also 18 months) go unless he truly hurts himself as he is trying to get your attention & to show frustra...

Tuesday 14 December 09:25am

HappyAli replied to topic PND??

Sending you big hugs. Perhaps you need to see your gp and talk about it as it sounds on the PND radar. There is nothing wrong with you. Look at your little blessing and know that you made him. Wha...

Thursday 09 December 08:31am

HappyAli replied to topic Tongue Tie

DS was born with a mild tongue tie and is 18 months. We didnt have it cut when he was little even though growth & feeding were slow. we werent given the option because he could put his tongue to hi...

Saturday 04 December 09:15am

HappyAli replied to topic Early INtervention

I would be asking a couple of questions to your clinic nurse or GP as it cant hurt to get in early for help with speech. My DD started talking at 12 months and hasnt stopped. she is now 4 and i ha...

Saturday 04 December 08:58am
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