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nat210 replied to topic Could anybody tell me what car seat is better ?

i have a safe n sound and i honestly cant fault it. I have just upgraded to the size that takes them to 8-10 and my lil girl is about to turn 3. Its a good brand and although the initial outlay i...

Thursday 25 June 12:38pm

nat210 replied to topic Thoughts please... (girls names)

well i love charlotte (my lil girls name) and had luca on my short list and if have another it will be again...also had izobel on shortlist would have been izobel grace both those r my faves

Wednesday 22 October 06:57am

nat210 replied to topic baby girls names

hi there i had audrey elisabeth picked when i had my lil charlotte... if i have another bub girl she wil be audrey elisabeth...

Wednesday 22 October 06:51am

nat210 replied to topic Favourite Names?

my favs are girls charlotte izobel/izobella audrey aubrey emma emme molly boys noah oscar jack thomas christian charlie connor

Saturday 29 March 08:08pm

nat210 replied to topic Tilly as name

hi afra, i love the name matilda and also love tilly.. good friend i was in hospital with called her girl matilda and my ex's brother called there girl tilly.. i think its personal choice but ive a...

Saturday 29 March 08:04pm

nat210 replied to topic Ruby or Matilda?

i love matilda... hmmm middle name suggestion matilda may rose or matilda may elisabeth, matilda may grace, matilda may chelsea, obviously u could have the 2nd middle name first or something... goo...

Saturday 29 March 08:00pm

nat210 replied to topic LADIES PLEASE VOTE

my vote is for lilli and lacee..

Saturday 29 March 07:56pm

nat210 replied to topic Middle name for Isaac

my godson is isaac gerard after my cousin that passed away. but also like isaac matthew, isaac connor, isaac daniel, isaac anthony, isaac michael

Saturday 29 March 07:52pm

nat210 replied to topic A Girls name needed. PLEASE help!

i love charlotte this is my daughters name... my last name is leonard so its the L thing and quite longish.. also love isabella this was my other pick when having charlotte but spelt izobella. and ...

Saturday 29 March 07:48pm

nat210 replied to topic Doona & pillow in cot

hi guys my dd has had a doona and pillow in her cot since she was bout 14 months.. she was getting so cold as it gets down to -4 or 5 here in winter so it was the only solution.. she loved it then ...

Wednesday 26 March 03:12pm

nat210 replied to topic Young Mums whats your opnion?

hi all!!! well i am 22 now had DD 3 months before i turned 21.. i am a single mother as well as young. I have had people actually say things to me when i have been out shopping etc. I fell pregnant...

Monday 24 March 03:00pm

nat210 replied to topic help!...what do you think of my names?

for boys i like lucas or thomas... and girls def charlotte for obvious reason or madison.

Monday 24 March 02:14pm

nat210 replied to topic Spelling advice...

i think marlee is pretty...

Monday 24 March 02:10pm

nat210 replied to topic WHAT NAME?

i love love love gabriella.. my sis's name is gabrielle... but i call her gabriella all the time for some reason... but def very pretty..

Tuesday 18 December 06:58pm

nat210 replied to topic Isabel or Isabella??

when i had charlotte i had 3 names on my list charlotte, audrey and isabella. she looked like a charlotte but if i ever have another daughter she will more than likely be isabella. Love Love Love...

Friday 14 December 07:23am

nat210 replied to topic baby's estimated weight at 35wks

i had scan at 37 weeks. was to be induced cos of gest. diabetes. they radiographer told me bub was already over 4kg. next me freaking out. they induced 5 days later and charlotte was only 3.35k...

Monday 10 December 09:07am

nat210 replied to topic When did u find out you were pregnant?

i was 6.5 months before i found out. did not gain any weight until month 8. Was still having period so had no reason to think i could be. Was on the pill also. Was quite a shock i have to say. ...

Tuesday 04 December 10:31am

nat210 replied to topic Two to choose from!

love love love matilda.. dont like ella so much sorry!!! just a little bored of it now.. have so many friends with ella's.. its nice just quite common now..

Saturday 01 December 05:25pm

nat210 replied to topic probably a dumb question

started in a nightie as it was comfy and also winter so in the early stages was quite cold.. ended up having to be in a hospital gown as i had to go to theatre for forceps delivery.. whatever you...

Saturday 01 December 03:25pm

nat210 replied to topic Traveling with ds and formula is it wrong?

hi i have pre made bottles since DD was 2 weeks old. She is now 16 months and is healthy. I only ever premake for the day tho. I have a thermal bag thingy. Not that i usually take a bottle out ...

Wednesday 28 November 03:33pm
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