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wenjowade replied to topic My 10 week old has only put on 850g since birth

Hey Michelle, Try to get in contact with a lactation consultant as these sorts of things can generally be put down to breast attachment issues - one visit to a consultant could save you $$$'s in f...

Tuesday 23 October 06:58pm

wenjowade replied to topic Which dry biscuits for 7 month old?

Wheatmeal biscuits - my mum calls them 'Grandma's special biscuits" & its funny watching the kids get so excited about a biscuit!

Tuesday 23 October 06:47pm

wenjowade replied to topic Mango reaction

Hi all, something to watch out for is a latex allergy. I'm allergic to banana & while I was in hospital after the birth I was told that those who are allergic to banana, mango or Paw Paw (not sur...

Tuesday 23 October 06:41pm

wenjowade replied to topic HELP: Solids and information overlad!! what to give at what age!?

Hi there! Don't know where you're up to now with the whole solids info overload thing (SO-O with you there!) but I found Baby & Toddler Meals by Robin Barker (Baby Love author) absolutely FANTASTI...

Tuesday 23 October 06:36pm

wenjowade replied to topic reaction to banana

Hey there! I myself am allergic to banana so will probably have to watch it with my little one. The nurses at the hospital told me that allergies to banana, mango and another fruit I can't rememb...

Tuesday 23 October 11:52am

wenjowade replied to topic Wind and wind products

Hey, my bub had colic, and still gets bad wind if I don't watch what I eat. Best thing that worked for us was me drinking chamomile or peppermint tea - she would then get it through the breastmilk...

Thursday 30 August 06:17pm

wenjowade replied to topic Pumpkin Patch

Oh I so love it! The sizing is just so normal, not like stupidly huge target. Quality is great too. They've got gorgeous maternity stuff out at the moment - makes me wish I was pregnant again! ...

Thursday 30 August 05:54pm

wenjowade replied to topic 15mths & 2 sleeps

Hey, my friend's baby is 15 months & still doing to sleeps for the same reason! There's no way she would make it through to 7pm for bed time. If I remember correctly, my sister's kids were doing ...

Wednesday 29 August 12:30pm

wenjowade replied to topic How old generally is your bub when they fit in 00

Hi there! I've found that bubs sizing is worse than womens! We were given a 0000 target out fit. She grw out of the pants at 10 weeks but the top is only just perfect at 15 weekks! And she's a ...

Thursday 09 August 01:13pm

wenjowade replied to topic Still getting arms out

Had same problem with DD (3 months). We felt she still too young not too wrap plus of course there's the issue of winter. Bought a Kidappotumous swaddleme wrap & its great! Been a week & no arms...

Wednesday 08 August 08:16pm

wenjowade replied to topic HUNGRY AGAIN!!!

Check attachment to boob. I became a bit lazy here & found that DD (3 mths) was doing the same thing thus not getting enough milk. Might feel like attachment is ok but best to check just in case....

Tuesday 07 August 08:22am

wenjowade started new topic When to drop a sleep

DD is 3 months & sleeps great at night (8-8). However, since she's started this, she seems to only sleep for 40min max during each daytime sleep. Her routine (which she set up herself!) is feed, ...

Monday 06 August 12:26pm

wenjowade replied to topic Morning sickness

Hey there! I was like this when pregnant last year and it SUCKS!!!! I was in hospital twice & was able to see a dietician who helped me manage it a little better. 1. try to stay hydrated otherw...

Friday 03 August 04:08am

wenjowade replied to topic Severe Morning Sickness

Hi! I had HG also (but feel fantastic now that DD is out!!) and was in hospital twice to be rehydrated. Maxalon just made me feel sicker but then they gave me Zofran (Ondansetron) which was amazi...

Friday 03 August 04:00am

wenjowade replied to topic IS this called sleeping through?????

I've read (somewhere!) that 5 hrs straight at night is considered sleeping through. DD started this at 2 weeks & gradually increased. She's now 3 months & 5 days & goes from 8:30pm - 8:30am feeds...

Thursday 02 August 10:56am

wenjowade replied to topic HICCUPS = MEANS YOUR CHILD IS TIRED

Hi! Thanks for the tip. My DD regularly hiccups just as I'm wrapping her for a nap and I always think "oh man, now you're never going to get to sleep. Why do you always do this?" but of course ...

Thursday 02 August 10:53am

wenjowade replied to topic 7 months starting to wake through the night

Hi! Re-assess amount of solids. Could be that he's hungry. Yes, could be teeth but unfortunately teething is blamed for every change in behaviour these days.

Thursday 02 August 07:58am

wenjowade replied to topic when to have the next one?!?!

My husband & I have just started thinking about No. 2. DD is only 3 months old but there are a few complications. I had hyperemisis (severe morning sickness) for the whole 9 months with DD1 so th...

Saturday 21 July 11:35am

wenjowade replied to topic very advanced babies?

When my cousin's baby was born, she & my aunty used to go on and on about how advanced he was. It used to drive my mum nuts! So now as a joke, my sister and I say about our own babies "oh, she/he...

Saturday 21 July 11:25am

wenjowade replied to topic Dads do those kinds of things

My DH hasn't actually done anything like that...yet! Although when I told him about the sticky tape he said "oh yeah...that would work." I feel your pain!

Tuesday 17 July 11:24am
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