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Lysa replied to topic What is your 5 month old doing?

My DS is nearly 6 months and has 1 tooth already and another cut., he's rolling heaps and is commando-crawling already - i'm in complete shock as DD2 wasn't quick at all with this! He's a happy gig...

Sunday 04 October 05:08pm

Lysa replied to topic Playtime for 5 1/2 month old

My boy is nearly 6 months, and we have coloured wooden blocks which DS loves, so we stack them up and look at the different colours. I read him books! - never too young to start - specially the ba...

Sunday 04 October 04:58pm

Lysa replied to topic dining chair for 28 months

phone books??

Friday 14 August 02:53pm

Lysa replied to topic Ecxema

Ecxema runs in our family too, and my 4 month old boy gets it on his face. I've found that if i eat acidic things like tomatoes,it has flared up his, my brother also gets eczema and tomatoes flare...

Friday 14 August 02:48pm

Lysa replied to topic Prams for Toddler & Newborn

Hi have a Phil and Ted too and love it! (Have the sport one). I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old. I also use a sling if we're just going into the post office or somewhere quick.

Friday 29 May 04:17pm

Lysa replied to topic newborn and 2 year old... Advise would be much appriciated!

I have a 2 year old girl and a 2 week old newborn. The last two weeks have been busy! but pretty good, my toddler has been quite fragile and throwing more tantrums than usual, but have just tried t...

Monday 20 April 03:35pm

Lysa replied to topic how to juggle motherhood/house??

I would recommend checking out : Its an american site, that's about house organisation routines, working baby steps at a time. There's also support forums and routine suggestions f...

Tuesday 14 April 08:52am

Lysa replied to topic Karicare Follow On

Thats good that she's settled into the new formula for you. I've managed to pick up about 4 tins of the old stuff that i can keep Caitlyn on until i wean her onto milk in a couple of months.

Tuesday 08 January 09:26am

Lysa replied to topic Karicare Follow On Check out this link - this is what they say. there have been many people complaining about the change of the formula's - spew...

Friday 04 January 09:54am

Lysa replied to topic Saliva Rash

nappy rash cream helps too.

Saturday 22 December 10:43am

Lysa replied to topic Routine for a 10month old

DD is 9 1/2 months and this is her routine... 7-8ish: Wake, Breakfast, Play, Bottle 9.30am: Morning Nap 11.30am: Lunch, Play, Bottle 1pm: Afternoon nap (if this goes longer than 3pm, i wake he...

Sunday 16 December 06:35am

Lysa replied to topic Phil & Ted's Bebe Recline

Hi, yes i think it is tether strap compatible - i remember reading it on their website (currently researching them!)

Sunday 29 July 11:45am

Lysa replied to topic Whinging/grizzly 4 month old

My 4 month DD does the same thing! she'll be playing happily with her toys for about 5-10min then will just start grizzling, I dunno either sorry, maybe its just a way they are expressing themselv...

Monday 23 July 02:56am

Lysa replied to topic Cheeky 4month old

Hi guys thanks so much for your advise i will try 4-hourly and see how it goes, glad to hear there's others out there and that its common at this age ooh that sounds painful!!

Saturday 21 July 10:49am

Lysa started new topic PNTeds Recline Car seat

Hi, anyone got the PNTeds Recline Car seat? - what are you thoughts? we're looking at getting one, but would like some feedback on it. or is there any other good brands out there? Will need it fro...

Thursday 19 July 06:01am

Lysa started new topic Moved:PNTeds Recline Car seat

This post has been moved to another forum.

Thursday 19 July 06:01am

Lysa replied to topic Tandem Strollers - Help in finding a store that will ship to NZ

TTry Phil and Teds - its a NZ company, which also sells worldwide. You can buy online, or buy products from various baby outlets - we got ours from babycity I've got the E3 which ...

Thursday 19 July 05:46am

Lysa replied to topic Hamilton NZ - places to stay/things to do with 1yo

. [Edited on 18/07/2007]

Thursday 19 July 05:39am

Lysa replied to topic Wind and wind products

When my DD was 6-10weeks i used the Weleda colic powder and it worked a treat but you took it during feeding so for 'sudden' attacks of wind when she wasnt due for a feed i'd use Gripe Water. Now t...

Thursday 19 July 05:13am

Lysa started new topic Cheeky 4month old

HELP! My 4 month old DD has discovered the world! and i'm having a lot of trouble BFing her at the moment as she's too busy looking around the room, or giggling/smiling at me! - as cute as it is, i...

Thursday 19 July 03:38am
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