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DR8028 replied to topic which one is better ?

Hi there I would definitely recommend the Maclaren. I have had the Techno Classic for just over 2yrs now and love it. I have never had a problem with the stroller. I asked about how Maclare...

Friday 29 June 01:44pm

DR8028 replied to topic Rent vs Buying???

Hey Dee I'm sure your head is spinning after the mass of responses as this is a very personal and emotional topic. I think at the end of the day, you know in your heart what is best for you and yo...

Monday 25 June 06:19pm

DR8028 started new topic Feedback on Phil & Teds with 2 toddlers

Hi I am considering purchasing Phil & Teds E3 and was wanting to hear from anyone that has/is using it for 2 toddlers. All the mums that I have spoken to that are happy with it are using it for a...

Thursday 21 June 08:37pm

DR8028 replied to topic porta-cots - urgent help!

I have the one that is the generic brand from baby co (Swallow, I think). It is easy to assemble and collapse however it is crucial to ensure that you follow the instructions on order to set and p...

Thursday 21 June 08:11pm

DR8028 replied to topic did you buy a PHIL'N'TED DOUBLE?

Hope I don't add to the confusion but I spoke to a mum I saw pushing one of these when I was expecting my 2nd. She was generally happy but pointed out that the child in the lower seat could pote...

Wednesday 16 May 09:44pm
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