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gtrut replied to topic Need inside rainy-day activity ideas for 4y.o. pls!!

thank you for your website - some great craft to do with my 4.5year old girls... .

Wednesday 23 February 06:36am

gtrut replied to topic Open Heart Surgery

Well today I took my daughter for a tour of PMH (in Perth). We went into ICU and the wards to have a look. I am really glad i did this to prepare her and myself, even though she has had numerous ...

Tuesday 22 February 10:56am

gtrut replied to topic Open Heart Surgery

Thank you for your conerns... how old is your twin now? You have had your hands full and possibly more knowing he may have cerable palsy. We have to be strong don't we... Fingers crossed his hol...

Monday 21 February 06:32am

gtrut started new topic Open Heart Surgery

hello - my daughter is having open heart surgery for an ASD. She is 4yo.Can anyone tell me their experience pre-op and straight after surgery and what I am to expect? I don't see the surgeon for ...

Sunday 20 February 01:19am

gtrut started new topic Grommets & Hydrogen Peroxide

My daughter had a soft cleft palate when she was born and had an operation to repair it at 9months of age. She also had grommets put in to help her hearing and speech. (We have had no problems with...

Thursday 02 October 06:57pm

gtrut started new topic Ear Gromets

Hi - my daughter is getting gromets put in next week and speaking to the nurse today she said you can insert blu tac or cotton wool with a little bit of baby oil into their ear but not too far when...

Thursday 31 May 12:07pm

gtrut started new topic Colic - Chiropractor

Hello all, Our twin girls are ten weeks old -5 weeks prem. They both suffer from colic and we have tried Gripe Water, Brauers Colic Relief and now on Zoton for the colic/reflux. In the past few ...

Wednesday 18 October 10:02am

gtrut started new topic Twin Prams - Babylove Duolite v's Love n Care Cruiser

Hello - I am expecting twins in September and finding it difficult to choose a twin pram. We are finally down to two. Either the Babylove Duolite side by side or the Love n care Cruiser. Can anyone...

Tuesday 13 June 10:34am

gtrut replied to topic morning sickness

Hi Amy I just posted my topic on Zofran waifers this afternoon. I swear by them to stop me from vomitting. However, i also have to take maxalon for the nausea's. I need to take the two for them t...

Tuesday 16 May 06:22pm

gtrut started new topic Zofran - Morning Sickness

Just wondering if anyone else is taking Zofran Waifers and if so, how long have you been taking them? I was bedridden for 7 weeks early on in my pregnancy and took 8mg Zofran daily to stop the vom...

Tuesday 16 May 03:55pm

gtrut started new topic Worried no kicking yet

Hi everyone I haven't felt any movement yet and am starting to worry as i am 20 weeks and am having twins. I've heard that movement normally starts from 18 weeks onwards. My dr said it should sta...

Wednesday 26 April 07:47pm

gtrut replied to topic Newby

Hi Kylie I am due 10th September aswell, however, I am having identical twins so will probably have them a couple of weeks earlier. This is also my first pregnancy. I haven't been as lucky as yo...

Friday 17 March 01:12pm
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