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EmilyLedger replied to topic feel like a bad person

Just like everybody before me said, this is not the reason to consider yourself a bad person. It is a normal feeling and you sound like you really want it, which only makes you ready for it, not a ...

Saturday 02 February 10:16pm

EmilyLedger replied to topic Varicose veins!!

mexico_miracle wrote: I was given pressure stocking in hospital and they have been great! I bought some for my GranmotherIL who was suffereing with nasty painful swollen veins and is now pain free....

Thursday 31 January 01:54am

EmilyLedger replied to topic Baby lotion and oil

I know that there are many new brands on the market that are both sensitive and good for skin, but I am still fascinated by the Johnson brand. They are amazing like they are made for me and my enti...

Thursday 31 January 01:51am

EmilyLedger replied to topic Ezekiel or Ezra?

I love the name Ezra, it is my favorite and I want my future son to be Ezra but hubby isn't so impressed with it. I don't know, it sounds so strong to me

Tuesday 29 January 01:29am
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