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angeliica replied to topic Do you remember what kind of your wedding cards?

A lot of people design two cards for the wedding and the reception but you can merge both into one for saving money. Depending on this, you can also choose to go for invites that are a bit pricey t...

Wednesday 23 January 12:54am

angeliica replied to topic Wedding invitations?

Hello dear, Invitations are an important part of every wedding. They set the theme of what guests can expect during the ceremony and reception. If the invitations have a traditional flair, then the...

Friday 23 November 06:04pm

angeliica started new topic Where can I find Best wedding cards at affordable prices?

My wedding is coming soon, and I would like to know where I can find the best wedding cards at affordable prices. While searching on Google, I found one store known as where th...

Friday 23 November 05:55pm
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